Sep 232007

Just sitting here on Sunday evening watching my fantasy football hopes go up in flames once again while I change a few things on the site.

Pretty relaxing weekend here. Just listened to the Hokie game yesterday (a drubbing of William & Mary) and ran a few errands last night, followed by a thoroughly enjoyable Thai dinner. I love my massaman. Monica loves the pad thai.

Windows Update

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Aug 282005

Quite the productive weekend around the house here. I finished painting the rest of the windows as well as the subsequent scraping of the paint off the glass. Bill also offered to paint the entire roof trim so I helped him with that, and we even managed to replace the roof trim on one side of the house as the existing wood was water-logged and rotten (thanks, Bill!). I also painted the trim around the garage and front and back doors as well as the pole on our front patio.

Whew! I could use another weekend to recover from my weekend.


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Jul 312005

Pretty uneventful weekend around here as it rained for most of it. I’ve had to do some actual work which makes for what amounts to a non-existent weekend, but we did manage to head out yesterday evening to help out my Dad and Marlene with one of their Shrine events.

We helped hand out drinks to about 610 people, and then had a good time hanging out, chatting, and dancing. Monica even tried to learn something called the boot-scootin’ boogie.

I assure you that the rumors of me attempting this dance have been greatly exaggerated.

All by myself

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Jul 262005

On Friday, Monica headed off to spend a week in New York with the family so I’ve been all alone this weekend. (She arrived safely and has been having a great time, she tells me.)

Yesterday, I did some much needed yard work, and got to finally use our new lawn mower. Man, I must be getting old or something because I was actually excited about how much better the new lawn mower performed versus our old one. I also did some chores around the house that I had been putting off for too long.

Last night, I had a nice dinner out with my Mom and Bill, and then it was off to a Tides game with Bucky. The Tides lost. 🙁

Today has been pretty relaxing. Had a great dinner again with my Mom and Bill tonight (the home-cooked variety), and now it’s back to work tomorrow. This week is going to be a long one for me, as there is a ton of stuff to do at work. And it’s just Jack here to keep me company.

I know Monica worries about me when she’s gone, but I seem to manage okay. Now where’s my coffee? 😉

Jul 092005

Went to the beach this morning for a couple of hours of relaxation. It was really beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, but man, did it start to get hot the closer it got to noon. It’s really nice to live so close to the beach that we can just hop in the car and spend a couple of hours staring at the ocean.

And yet, my thoughts are still with the people of London. I actually get angry thinking about the people that caused the bombings, and I get even angrier at the people who think this sort of terrorism is caused by fighting against it. That just blows my mind.

Reverse Redneck

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Jun 262005

For the first time since we moved back to this area, I’ve been to the beach. It really hasn’t changed.

We decided to get up early this morning, around 7 am, in order to head out to the beach before it got too crowded. We arrived a little around 8:30 am, and we had no trouble finding a place to park. I was actually surprised at the number of people already there, but there was plenty of space on the sand for our towels, and the weather was perfect. The sun was blazing, but there was a nice breeze so it didn’t seem hot at all.

On the way there, we picked up some of that new Coke Zero which I must say I like a lot. It’s way better than Diet Coke, and to me it just tastes like a less sweetened regular Coke.

I dozed for awhile on the beach while Monica read some magazines. A little before noon, we packed up for home as it was starting to get pretty hot, and we had baked long enough. I had put on the sunscreen so I was fairly sure I didn’t fry my skin. We headed home just in time to relax some more, and then wash the cars. I cooked out some leftover burgers from the DMB concert while we enjoyed some nice jazz music on the porch. Monica’s family even got to check us out on the webcam for a bit. 🙂

All in all, a pretty long but very enjoyable day, and now I’m beat. Turns out I’m pretty pink, but not really burned, except for a little spot on the front of my neck that I apparently missed with the sunscreen. Sort of like a reverse redneck.

May 312005

This weekend was very exciting for me because my mom Julia and my cousin Luis drove all the way from The Bronx to come see us. They drove all Friday night and arrived Saturday early morning.

After some sleep, we had a wonderful lunch of platanos con huevos (plantains and eggs) and headed to the beach. It was a little cooler than expected, but we had fun walking the boardwalk and eating ice cream.

Saturday evening, we headed over to Bill and Jeanette’s for a wonderful dinner and relaxed watching The Empire Strikes Back which is always very entertaining.

Sunday, we headed to Jim and Marlene’s for a BBQ. It was a beautiful day to sit on the deck and eat and then eat some more!

Sunday evening Brian, Luis and I went to the movies to see Crash which was a little weird.

Memorial Day Monday, Julia and Luis headed back up north and Brian and I relaxed.

Thanks mom and Luis for driving those long hours to spend time with us! We love you!


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Apr 102005

Wow, what a beautiful weekend, and we spent a great deal of it outside in our yard.

On Saturday, we planted twelve azaleas down one side of our house (with fresh top soil and mulch) with the hopes that they will bloom watermelon red flowers relatively soon. It took a while digging all of those holes and arranging the weed-repelling fabric. We did some research on what to plant there, and most of the area gets filtered light mostly in the afternoon. Hopefully the azaleas will flourish, but who knows. This is our first attempt at real-life gardening.

On Sunday, I mowed the grass for the first time this year. After that, I sat out on our patio for awhile with the laptop to get some work done and enjoy our freshly manicured yard. Then I grilled some chicken and fresh asparagus, and we had a genuine outdoor-type dinner complete with lighted candle and all. Ain’t we fancy?

Typical Weekend

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Mar 132005

Pretty busy weekend for us as we started out having dinner with family to celebrate my uncle’s birthday on Friday night. We went to Frankie’s, a local rib place. I love me some good BBQ.

Then on Saturday, I got up early to meet my Dad at our house to do some yard work. We did some preliminary planning and laid out some string to visualize what I want to do. It was pretty cold though so it wasn’t very pleasant, but it did finally start to warm up right as we were finishing…naturally.

Ran some errands on Saturday afternoon, and then we went to a hockey game with Greg (I posted a photo on the moblog). It was a pretty exciting game as it went to overtime, and the Admirals ended up scoring thirty seconds into the extra period. Woohoo! We finished the night off with a late dinner at Waterside.

Today, we got up to go to church, did our normal grocery shopping, and this afternoon, I watched some great basketball (March Madness about to begin, you know) while doing the fun task of balancing the finances.

Like I said, pretty busy weekend as there always seemed to be something to do. Now back to work. 🙁

Mar 062005

We went to the Virginia Marine Science Museum today with our friend Laura who is visiting us for the weekend. We saw lots of turtles, sharks, various fish, and other sea life. We even got to touch some sting rays and a horseshoe crab. Nothing like some good ol’ fashioned museum fun, with some learnin’ thrown in for good measure.

I’ll post some pictures from our visit in a day or so.