Officially Done

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Aug 082003

Well, it’s official now. Monica went to the Social Security office and the DMV this week to get her new name. I guess it would be a bad time to tell her I was just kidding?

Another reason it’s good to be a man – no name changes.

And now people will stop asking us that dreaded question “When are you getting married?”…

…and start asking us that other dreaded question “When are you going to have kids?” *

Can we go back to Hawaii?

* That reminds me to congratulate Mark & Lorena on their new baby boy, Kaleb, and Dave & Karen on their new baby boy, Nathaniel. Way to go!

Swing On This

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Aug 072003

Alright, it’s taking us awhile to get back into the swing of things after our whirlwind wedding and honeymoon. It was really tough for me (and I’m sure for Monica) to go back to work and actually be productive. We were in Hawaii just long enough to really start to enjoy being away from the “real world”. Why do you always need a vacation to get over a vacation?

Back Too Soon

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Aug 032003

Wow, that honeymoon was way too short. We still wish we were in Hawaii. We had such an amazing time there…just incredible. I’m going to post a day by day honeymoon blog at some point in the near future along with lots of pictures and eventually some video. It’s going to take me awhile to sort through everything so I’m not sure when everything will be completed but check back here to see what’s what.

For now, I’ve started uploading and captioning some of the honeymoon pictures. There will be lots more of those (and I means LOTS) as well as more wedding pictures. Enjoy! 🙂

The Big Day

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Jul 202003

So it finally happened. The wedding day has come and gone, and now on to the honeymoon.

Just a quick note right now to say look at the wedding day photos. We’ll post more when we get back from Hawaii. See you in ten days (or so)!

Jul 162003

Updates have been a little sparse as of late…been very busy.

Miss Deb came into town this past weekend and in between doing “homework”, she’s been helping out Monica with the little things that must be done this week before the big event.

Monica and I both enjoyed hanging out with our respective friends last weekend, reveling in our last days of singledom. I heard she had fun, and I certainly did…especially talking to a wacky chick that had been in prison. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

I got my wedding day haircut yesterday and then I picked up my tuxedo. It turns out the sleeves on the tux shirt were too short so they’re ordering me another one. Should be in by Thursday. I guess if I had noticed that the guy wrote down “33” for my sleeve length, the whole thing would have been avoided. No big deal though.

And now the family starts arriving tonight. Things are starting to get hectic, but as everyone tells us, “it’ll all be over before you know it”.

Weekend Recap

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Jun 222003

Ok, so the gallery is fixed now. Seems I floogled something during the upgrade process and not everything was copied over correctly. Thanks to the folks over on the discussion forums at the gallery for helping me debug the problem. Oh, and I just made up the word “floogled”.

I added a wedding day countdown over on the ride side…something Monica has been bugging me to do for a long time. At least you’ll have a few weeks watching it count down.

Didn’t do a whole lot this weekend. I went to an alumni board meeting yesterday while Monica relaxed at home. Yesterday evening we went to the Taste of the Town, a food festival where you can sample the cuisine from local restaurants. Luckily the rain held off and we were able to eat alot of good food (although the plate from Trader Joe’s was disgusting).

We relaxed more today. Grilled out some tuna steaks on our still new grill, and they were delicious. Maybe we should have set up our own booth yesterday. 😉

Just Grillin’

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Jun 162003

My Dad and stepmom came up to visit this past weekend. Went out to dinner on Friday night (to our new favorite restaurant – love the food, hate the commercials), and had a great time. Spent Saturday driving around town showing them our wedding sites and even got the chance to give him his father’s day card and gift in person this year.

In between dodging killer thunderstorms and two trips to Fort Belvoir, they bought us a brand new grill for a wedding present. It’s great! The rain held off long enough yesterday for us to try it out, so we cooked some steaks and had ourselves a good, old fashioned barbecue.

It was great seeing you, Dad and Marlene. Hope your drive home was traffic free.

Ceremony Shuffle

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Jun 112003

We spent a couple hours with our pastor last night, drawing diagrams on a whiteboard for our ceremony. It felt a little like I was watching John Madden draw out football plays on the telestrater (is that how it’s spelled?). We’ll see how it all works out during rehearsal.

NY State of Mind

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Jun 022003

Brian and I went up to good ol’ New York for the weekend. It was good to see my family and finally pick up my wedding gown! We headed downtown on Saturday and walked around 5th avenue doing a little shopping in the rain. It was fun!

Since my mom lives in the Bronx, the subway ride downtown takes around 45 minutes and Brian finds it very difficult to stay awake on the train. He says the very loud, noisy rocking of the train is very soothing. He is a very interesting fellow indeed!

I LOVE NEW YORK!! Brian does too, even if he’ll never admit to it!!