Jul 102005

I spent much of today watching the Weather Channel, and their continuing coverage of the famous Hurricane Dennis. They do know their stuff, but it’s a bit odd to see them so pumped over a potentially catastrophic and deadly storm. You can tell some of them get really excited over it, especially Jim Cantore, who seems to try to be in the perfect position for every storm every hurricane season, and actually appears somewhat disappointed if the storm veers off in a different direction or weakens unexpectedly. I wonder if he has weather groupies that follow him around from storm to storm.

Watching it as much as I have today, I’m keenly aware of two things. It’s amazing how often they repeat the same, incessant commercials…and I really want to get one of these.

Jul 092005

Went to the beach this morning for a couple of hours of relaxation. It was really beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, but man, did it start to get hot the closer it got to noon. It’s really nice to live so close to the beach that we can just hop in the car and spend a couple of hours staring at the ocean.

And yet, my thoughts are still with the people of London. I actually get angry thinking about the people that caused the bombings, and I get even angrier at the people who think this sort of terrorism is caused by fighting against it. That just blows my mind.

Jul 082005

Everyone’s eyes are on Hurricane Dennis currently heading into the Gulf of Mexico, but if you want a cool, new way to track it, check out this site.

This makes me want to start tinkering with the newly announced Google Maps API.

Feb 272005

We’re due for some nasty weather tonight and tomorrow. Of course, by nasty weather, I mean lots of rain and wind. If we were still up in Northern Virginia, that would mean at least ten inches of snow and lots of crazy drivers.

Don’t get me wrong, I dig the occasional snowfall, especially if it’s on the weekend, but it’s so nice not to have to get up and shovel snow before work. After the two and a half feet of snow we received during the winter of 2003, I’ve had enough snow to last me for about ten years.

So to all our friends digging out tomorrow morning before work…well, sucks to be you. 😉

Feb 062004

This morning we woke up to our entire neighborhood covered with ice….again. In order for me to be able to walk little jack, I had to salt the sidewalk as I went in order not to fall. I also had to start my car and leave it running for about 20 minutes in order to melt some of the ice covering the windshield or at least make it easier to scrape off. This has been happening all winter and I am very tired of it all.

I have always maintained the fact that I HATE winter. I HATE being cold and I do not like winter weather at ALL. Well, there are plenty of people (men) that I know, that say they LOVE winter. They LOVE winter weather, snow, etc. What I have noticed is that those people (men) who I know that say that, somehow end up doing less shoveling, salting, scraping than the people (women) in their lives who HATE winter. If I didn’t have to deal with shoveling, scraping, salting and all those nasty chores that come along with winter weather as much as I do, I might LOVE it too.

PS – Total men discussed in the above blog equal 4…..you know who you are.

Feb 022004

Rise and shine, campers, and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooooold out there today!

The groundhog says six more weeks of winter.


More sleet and snow is on the way tonight.


I normally like winter, and it’s great to have it all wintry for Christmas. But just like last winter, it’s getting to be a bit much now. We’ve had to put up with weeks of twenty degree weather and snow that just won’t go away. The best part of the whole season is it gives me an excuse to watch one of the greatest movies of all time.

Well what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today!

Anger Rising

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Jan 262004

So we got about five inches of snow last night through this morning, and the roads are a mess. Some of the side roads I took this morning were actually clearer than the main roads. To top of it, there’s an ice storm on the way.

And what does the federal government do about it?

Liberal leave. :angry:

What the heck is the purpose of liberal leave? Gee, thanks for letting me be off by taking my own hard-earned vacation. Idiots. I can call in sick if I really need to be off that badly, and I don’t need your stupid permission to do it.

There are a ton of accidents this morning and hardly anyone has shown up to work. I bet the guy who makes the decisions on liberal leave is sitting at home right now curled up in bed. I just knew last night, as I watched the snow start to pile up, that it would be just bad enough to shovel a ton and cause all sorts of havoc on the roads but not to close the government.

I would wager that it costs more to run all of the cleanup crews and accident patrols, then to give everyone the day off. One of these days, someone is going to die trying to get to work because they are out of “liberal leave”, and the family will sue the government.

I’m probably going to have to go home early at some point, unless I like digging through an inch of ice just to get into my car, not to mention the utter delight it is to hydroplane your way home. I’ll be damned if I’ll take any leave though. 🙂