Jun 232007

So I’m a little late with these but here are Monica’s graduation photos. I am so proud of her. It was a LOT of work, and there were some tough times, but with God’s grace, she persevered and came through with flying colors (i.e. great grades). There is no way I could have done what she did. And she even graduated with honors with a 3.4 GPA!

There’s also some video I took that you can watch below. Some of it isn’t the best quality as I was a bit shaky with the camera. Even with a tiny video camera, it’s tiring to hold your arm up for more than a few minutes at a time. The first clip is from the nursing pinning ceremony, the second clip is from the graduation ceremony that occurred the following evening, and the last clip is from her graduation party the following day. Enjoy!

Done and Done

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May 252007

After 3 long years of nothing but school, I’ve finally graduated. Graduation took place May 11th and all my family was there to see me walk across that stage. It was a happy day!

After graduation Brian and I decided to head to Asheville, NC and visit the Biltmore Estate. What a beautiful place! We’ve never seen anything like it. It is a castle/mansion built in 1895 by George Vanderbilt. We toured the home, the grounds, the winery (where we bought several bottles of delicious wine) and stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast. After that we decided to add some adventure to our vacation and headed to West Virginia where we camped out, kayaked and went whitewater rafting. It was great and I can’t wait to do it again! We have pictures, videos and more pictures of all the events named above. Please check back to see them all soon.

I am now a Registered Nurse Applicant and have officially started working. I am also studying to take my licensing exam later this summer. No pressure!

More updates soon.

April Stuff

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Apr 122007


Two weeks and a day! That’s what I have left of school. I am currently trying to survive my internship (preceptorship) and it’s going well. I’m a little tired but that was to be expected. Working 12 hours shifts is tough but I’m learning a lot and love the job. Taking on a full load of patients was a scary thought before the week started but I’m handling it okay and have to praise all the nurses out there who do it every day. After this week is over, I have 2 more weeks of lecture, one test and one gigantic final on May 1st. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it……

Everything Else

It is Brian’s birthday this month and I gave him a classical guitar as a gift. He has been wanting to learn the guitar for a long time and our good friend James has been teaching him and even letting Brian borrow his guitar. I thought it would be a perfect gift and he loved it. He practices every night and has a lot of fun. James and Krystyn were very generous and bought him a case for it and I am very thankful for their assistance in purchasing the guitar as I had no idea what to look for. You guys rock!

My mom just left after visiting for 10 days and we had a lot of fun together. I love listening to the latest Spanish music with her, watching our favorite novela “La Fea Mas Bella” on Univision and eating that wonderful Puerto Rican food she makes so well. She is the best cook in the world and I truly believe she could open a restaurant and make a fortune. I guess I’m a little biased but she rocks in the kitchen!!


Sucks right now. I’m waiting to put the jacket away but no such luck yet.


Still planning. Not sure where we want to go this year. Last year we went to Disney World for a week and had the best time in the world. Trying to top it this year but Brian and I LOVE Disney so that will be hard to do. We’ll see.

That’s all for now.

March Update

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Mar 112007

Sorry for the lack of updates but things have been a little hectic around here. Praise God everything is going well at brimon headquarters.


School is almost done and I have a position in a surgery trauma unit waiting for me upon successful completion of nursing school and RN licensure! Exciting stuff for sure.


The half-marathon is this coming Sunday (the 18th). Krystyn and I feel we’re ready but you never know. I’ve never ran in any sort of marathon before so it should be interesting and hopefully a lot of fun!

House Stuff
We’ve learned a little bit more than we ever wanted to know about heat pumps, heat strips and thermostats. The heating system or whatever you want to call it in our home totally crapped out on us this February and of course it had to happen during the coldest weekend ever. The temperature in our house dropped down to 49 degrees by the time it was fixed but thankfully we shacked up with the in-laws. We had to leave the water running so the pipes wouldn’t freeze etc., etc. Not fun!


Lately we’ve been expanding our diet by including many Mediterranean/middle eastern dishes to include falafel which is a fried patty made from fava beans and/or chickpeas, couscous, hummus, baba ganoush (eggplant salad), Lebanese and Iranian cuisine. All totally yummy.

Yes….we are watching American Idol and are totally embarrassed to admit it. Totally love it! This season is crazy so far. Glad Antonella is gone but why is Sanjaya still there? I feel it’s just like one big joke we get suckered into every year and the votes don’t really count.

Love The Office. It’s our favorite show on TV! We still watch Lost but there better be some answers soon to keep us interested. Brian loves Heroes and still watches Smallville and Battlestar Galactica.

I’d like to go see 300 so hopefully we can make to the movies some time soon.

Okay, that was a quick update. We’ll write again soon!

Feb 032007

47 days. That’s all I have left to go in nursing school and I can’t wait to be done. I have been going to school full-time for 3 years now and I can almost see the end. This last semester is harder than I expected and time management has been an issue but hopefully I can get it together at some point. I have long lectures, lots of clinical hours working at the hospital, volunteer work, papers and exams but with God’s grace I know I’ll handle it somehow. I love what I’m learning and I can’t wait to actually work in my field.

I have to apologize in advance for not responding to e-mails, returning phone calls and for forgetting everything you tell me until I’m done. Thank you in advance for your patience and support. If you need to tell me something important please tell my secretary/assistant/calendar keeper/support person/prayer partner/cheerleader and husband Brian. He will make sure to tell me at the most appropriate time when I’m not freaking out about some deadline (2 minute window per day). The man deserves some kind of prize for being so supportive for these past 3 years. When I tell him that he says “the best prize ever would be a JOB”. He’s funny like that.

To relieve stress, my friend Krystyn and I have decided to run the half-marathon (13.1 miles) at the Shamrock Sportsfest down at the beach. We are up to running 8 miles right now trying to make it to 9 this coming week. We started running together last summer and have had a lot of fun training. We’re trying to gather as many people as we can to come cheer us in at the finish line so join us if you can. I’m going to need all the help I can get! When we started training, it was hard to run one mile without feeling like we were going to die but now we’re doing okay. It still feels like torture around mile 7 but a good kind of torture. We talk, laugh and pray while we run and it has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Thanks Krystyn!

I also want to welcome our friends Tom, Deb and Josh to the beach and congratulate them on their new home!

This and that

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Jan 222007

Things have been moving pretty quickly since the beginning of the year. It was really difficult getting back into the swing of things at work – very tough when you’ve been off a week and a half. I really enjoyed our time off, so it made it that much worse to have to go back to earning a paycheck.

Monica has started classes again (her last semester!) and is already hip deep in work. She’s already had her first test and has her hands full trying to balance her school work while volunteering at a local nursing home. I don’t know how she keeps things straight.

I’ve been fighting off some sort of cold or something the past couple of weeks. It kind of comes and goes – some days are better than others, but I think I’m finally starting to kick it.

We finally started to get some cold weather. I mean, what’s winter without temperatures below 50 degrees? It was starting to feel like Florida around here, but thank goodness it’s actually been cold enough for me to burn some fire wood lately.

We had to say goodbye to some good friends earlier this month. They took off for Texas for bigger and better things. We’ll really miss them, but we know they are following God’s plan, and we’ll keep them in our prayers.

Jul 242006

Brian and I went on vacation in May. He was supposed to write about it but I think he has given up on updating this website. We visited Disney World, Epcot, Sea World (which I’d never been to) and MGM studios. We had a great time and I loved meeting Shamu!

After we came back I started my summer classes and thankfully those are now over. I did well and I’ve already registered for the fall….less than a year, less than a year, less than a year………

On July 4th we gathered with friends and headed to see the Dave Matthews Band. It was a great show with fireworks at the end and everyone had a great time. After the concert we came out the wrong way and had to cross through some bushes to get to our car and as a result, Brian is now recovering from the worst case of poison something I’ve ever seen.

As far as summer movies we’ve seen: Poseidon – awful; X-Men – pretty good; Superman – good; The Devil Wears Prada (monica only) – really good. We still need to see Pirates and we are still debating whether we will go see World Trade Center.

Brian and I celebrated our 3rd year Anniversary. Praise God!

Okay, I know this was a very short summary but that’s all I have for now.


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Jun 012006

Okay, so when I said tomorrow, I didn’t exactly mean the next day. I guess I should have said “eventually”.

Things have been pretty busy here lately as I am obsessed with landscaping our backyard and Monica is trying to get back in study mode. My plan is to post a recap of our trip this coming weekend so check back then and hopefully there will be something for you to read.

Spring Update

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Apr 302006

As we head into May I thought it might be a good idea to update the site and let everyone know what we’ve been up to. Brian is usually the one that does this but I will try to do the best I can.

Brian has been really busy with work but doing well. He was promoted this spring and is enjoying the perks and the challenges of his new position. When he is home, he relaxes by working out in the yard. He has found that landscaping, planting, weeding and playing with landscape timbers is very therapeutic. As a result our yard is looking very beautiful and I encourage him as much as possible. I’m happy to cheer him on from the window because I don’t share his enthusiasm for gardening. I do appreciate all his hard work.

This week I will be finishing my first year of nursing school and I can’t wait for it to be over so I can relax for 2 seconds. I’ll have a little break before starting again for the summer. I’ve learned so much and have observed many interesting procedures including a total hip replacement surgery and a cesarean section. Nursing school has been very stressful but I love what I’m learning and hope and pray to be a good registered nurse one day.

Our little dog Jack is still not so little. He has been on a diet since January and we believe he has lost a little weight but he’s still overweight. He is definitely not as young as he used to be and we’re afraid his weight might lead to other health problems. He’s our baby and we love him and want him to be around for as long as possible!

During the break Brian and I will be headed to Florida for some fun and relaxation. It will be good to get away from people places and things around here and just relax for a while. We are definitely due for a change of scenery even if it’s just for a week. Hopefully, we’ll come back rejuvenated and ready to tackle the summer.

I think that’s all I have for now. We’ll try not to stay away so long.


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Mar 272006

Man-oh-man, I knew I’d forgotten something in that last post. I totally pulled a Hilary Swank and forgot to mention Monica’s A in her class!


You see, Monica’s class for the first part of the semester was something called “med-surg”. She’s always throwing medical jargon at me as if I’ve been in her classes with her. I thought “med-surg” was something about a tidal wave of medicines. Turns out it’s something to do with people who’ve had surgery…I think.

But I digress. Congrats on the A, baby!