Cicada Crazy

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May 252004

They’re EVERYWHERE! I’ve never seen so many nasty, red-eyed bugs in my life. I remember the annual cicada-fest every year when I lived in Florida, but man, that was nothing compared to the once-every-17-years variety. Their favorite hobby is to fly around and attach themselves to your clothes as you walk by them, which causes the all too familiar “there’s a bug on me” spastic fit that we all know and love.

cicada larvae and adult

And the noise they make! It’s like some sort of sci-fi death ray sound. Now that I think about, it’s alot like the transporter sound from the original Star Trek show. Just turn on Sci-Fi channel when it’s on, and when Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and the red-shirted-soon-to-be-dead guy transport to the planet below, imagine that sound times 1000, and you’ll know how it sounds in our neighborhood every day.