Jul 242006

Brian and I went on vacation in May. He was supposed to write about it but I think he has given up on updating this website. We visited Disney World, Epcot, Sea World (which I’d never been to) and MGM studios. We had a great time and I loved meeting Shamu!

After we came back I started my summer classes and thankfully those are now over. I did well and I’ve already registered for the fall….less than a year, less than a year, less than a year………

On July 4th we gathered with friends and headed to see the Dave Matthews Band. It was a great show with fireworks at the end and everyone had a great time. After the concert we came out the wrong way and had to cross through some bushes to get to our car and as a result, Brian is now recovering from the worst case of poison something I’ve ever seen.

As far as summer movies we’ve seen: Poseidon – awful; X-Men – pretty good; Superman – good; The Devil Wears Prada (monica only) – really good. We still need to see Pirates and we are still debating whether we will go see World Trade Center.

Brian and I celebrated our 3rd year Anniversary. Praise God!

Okay, I know this was a very short summary but that’s all I have for now.

Tough Week

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Apr 082006

Worked a ton in the yard today. We decided to ditch our pathetic garden and landscape that area as well many of the areas along our fence. I’ve a ton more to do, and maybe we’ll post some pictures at some point.

Also scored some Dave Matthews tickets today for the July 4th concert. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen him dating back to 1995. There’s no new album this year so no new songs to learn – just more of the old ones.

This last week was one of the worst I’ve had in a long time so I think the yard work has helped me blow off some steam. From troubles with my car to a rough week at work…well, I’m just glad it’s over.

Jun 242005

I took off a half day yesterday and all of today, and it’s been great. We went to the Dave Matthews concert last night (absolutely no political rants, thank goodness), and had a great time with Bucky, Steve, and Tanya. Before the show, we cooked out some grub on the grill and listened to some tunes in the backyard. Around 7:15 pm, we headed to the show, and made it there just in time for Dave to open with American Baby. There’s a couple of shots from the show on the moblog, including one that turned out to be somewhat artistic looking.

Today, Monica and I took it easy with one of those lazy summer days we all know and love. We picked up some slurpees at the local 7-11, a first for me in about ten years, and headed over to Mount Trashmore where we enjoyed a leisurely walk around the lake and park area. I even managed to take a couple more shots for the moblog there as well. Afterward, we headed to the mall where we did a bit of shopping, and then finished off the day with some great seafood.

The weather for my time off has just been gorgeous. Here’s hoping it stays that way for this weekend.


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Mar 232005

So we went to see Queens of the Stone Age at a local club called the Norva. I didn’t really know many of their songs, but a couple of friends were going so we decided to tag along.

The show was on Sunday which made Monday a great day at work. They put on a decent performance, but I have to say that I’m pretty bitter that they didn’t play the one song of theirs that I know and actually really like called No One Knows. I mean, it’s their biggest hit to date and is the reason why most people are at their concerts…and they don’t play it.

I HATE bands that do that.

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The King is Dead

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Aug 162004

Twenty seven years ago today, the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll died. Take a few seconds today to bow your head, and remember Elvis Presley by listening to some Elvis tunes and viewing some Elvis photos.

Typhoon Concert

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Jun 122003

So we were invited to an Emmy Lou Harris concert last night by our friends, Mike and Laura and also joined by Steve and Amy. Country folk music hasn’t been our style of music in the past, but we decided to broaden our horizons and give it a shot.

It was surprisingly good. She has a very good voice and, backed by a very good band, put on a great show. She played for about two and a half hours, only interrupted by a brief intermission and what turned out to be an intense storm. Dark clouds rolled in during her first set followed by gusts of wind and torrential rains. Everyone on the lawn section at Wolf Trap went scattering either from getting wet or fear of getting struck by the frequent lightning and thunder. We were protected in our seats by the roof, but as the rains and winds kept up, the whole theater was filled with a mist, and Emmy Lou kept right on playing throughout and made for a unique experience. Quite the show.

Thanks to Mike and Laura for providing some great Thai food and to Steve and Amy for the tasty chips and drinks, all of which we enjoyed while sitting on the lawn before the show. Sorry that our cookies weren’t that good. We promise to get you a good macaroon, Mike. 😉

All Fooed Up

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May 012003

Despite still feeling a bit under the weather (both of us), we ventured out to see the Foo Fighters at the Patriot Center last night.

What a show! :rockon:

It was totally awesome. The show opened with a fierce version of “All My Life” (which Monica called) and then went straight into my favorite song of theirs, “My Hero”. They played a good mix from all their albums including “Times Like These”, “This is a Call”, “Breakout”, and “Monkeywrench”, even changing some of them up a bit. To quote Dave Grohl, “Who wants to go see a band to watch them play the songs exactly like on the album?” My sentiments exactly.

It was a homecoming of sorts for him since he is from this area, and it was pretty funny hearing him cuss alot and talk about smoking pot and then introducing his mom and dad who were in attendance. During part of the show, he even ventured out into the crowd, making his way to the back of the arena to jam on his guitar (does he do this at all their shows?). During what was supposed to be the last song (before the obligatory encore), the PA system cut out so we couldn’t hear the band anymore. They seemed to be unaware as they finished the song as they normally would, but then they realized what had happened. Instead of rushing off the stage and waiting for the chants of “Encore! Encore!”, Dave chatted with the crowd and the whole band just seemed bewildered. We thought they were going to just end the show there, but after about fifteen minutes or so, the PA system finally started working again (kind of, still couldn’t hear the bass guitar), they played “Everlong” and “Learning to Fly” for their encore without ever leaving the stage.

All in all, an excellent show. We even scored a couple of cool T-shirts. The night ended with a twenty minute jaunt in the rain as we scoured the parking lot looking for my car. You see, it was our first time to George Mason and the parking lots all look the same. Luckily, my quick thinking and excellent navigational skills allowed us to find my car…just in time to sit another twenty minutes waiting for the parking lot traffic jam to clear out. Nothing like a good case of pnuemonia and ringing ears to make us feel sicker than we already do. 😉


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Mar 182003

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve put up the new design. Unfortunately, I haven’t finished converting every page yet so you’ll notice some items missing from the navigation and the poll doesn’t currently function. I should be able to finish everything this evening so check back tonight or tomorrow for the completed redesign.

So it seems as if it’s about to “go down” in Iraq. I knew it was coming, but it just seemed eerie to hear the President actually say it last night. We are both totally behind our President and our troops on this issue…it must be done. God be with them.

On a lighter note, we’re going to Ozzfest! I was the tenth caller on WJFK this morning so I won free tickets. I don’t think there are many bands that are going to be there to whom we listen on a regular basis, but, what the heck, it’s Ozzy. And if we don’t feel like going, we’ll just sell them. Easy money.


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Jan 182003

Saw a band called SuperDiamond on Friday night. For those not in the know, they are a Neil Diamond cover band who really add their own style to his songs. I have never been a really big Neil Diamond fan before, but do I like his music, and I now have a better appreciation for it. I highly recommend seeing them in concert if you get the chance.

Took Jack to the vet today and everything checked out fine. Jack may tell a different story though as he may have felt a little “violated” after the whole experience. He probably mistook the vet for a Catholic priest.

Ask Dr. Doogie

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Jan 072003

Ok, did mostly behind the scenes stuff today like automate entry of the blogs, though you may notice some font sizes have changed on most of the pages. They were way too big before. The guestbook was intended to be solely for wedding talk, but I think it may have already evolved into one for the whole site. I’m probably going to move it to a more general page soon. I still need to tweak the navigation for some of the pages.

Boy, I feel like Doogie Howser already with these blogs…without the really insightful commentary.

Very long day at work today. I had to commute via metro and it totally sucked because, as it takes forever on normal days, a train broke down which made things even worse.

And thanks to Verizon, I now have “All I Need is Miracle” playing constantly in my head. Thank goodness I have it on mp3 and can share my misery with Monica. 🙂