Dec 022007

Virginia Tech won another ACC Championship on Saturday, it was awesome!  It was really sweet getting revenge on Boston College, sticking it to the Heisman wannabe, Matt Ryan.  We really made them look silly, and it was glorious.

I thought that was going to be the extent of my rooting for the Hokies this weekend until WVU astoundingly lost to a very bad Pitt team, and then Oklahoma expectedly throttled Missouri last night. 

Wow, what a crazy season.

So Ohio State seemed to be a lock for #1, and then it’s a crap shoot as to who their opponent would be, but listening to many of the analysts last night,  it seemed to be a forgone conclusion that LSU “deserved” to be #2, despite losing last week to an unranked team and even though a team in their conference who didn’t even play in their championship game was ranked ahead of them (and placed there by the voters).  Both of the other major conference winners (Oklahoma and USC) were being considered as possible opponents even though they were ranked in the bottom half of the top ten.  Both were called “hot” teams because they have four or five games in a row.  Even Hawaii was thrown into the mix for being undefeated.

What major conference winner, “hot” winner of five in a row, and higher ranked team wasn’t mentioned?  That’s right – Virginia Tech.

And the AP and Coaches poll today show LSU at #2 and Oklahoma at #3.  Huh?

First of all, the fact that the Hokies didn’t jump Georgia is ridiculous.  Then to have LSU jump all the way to #2 ahead of us after we beat a higher ranked team is unfathomable.  I know LSU beat us in week 2 by 41, but both our losses were to the #2 ranked team in the country at the time while both of their losses were to unranked teams.  That has to count for something.

What is the point of having polls the entire season if you can hit the reboot button the last week of the season?

I’m not trying to say that Va Tech is the second best team in the country.  I would just like to be shown some respect.

Oct 092007

I certainly didn’t mean to overshadow the events of last weekend with what happened to us on Sunday.

The Hokies whooped Clemson in true Beamerball fashion, and I have to say that I did not expect that at all. I foresaw our offense bogging down once again, and Clemson running all over us. Half of that did come true for a time, but the Hokie defense was magnificent in holding the Clemson running game to a paltry twelve yards. Outstanding!

We were running back interceptions, punts, and kickoffs for touchdowns like crazy. Tyrod played moderately well, protecting the ball for the most part, and exploiting the Clemson defense for some big runs. He even had a couple of nice passes, but overall, the offense is really going to have to improve for us to have a shot at another ACC championship.

Unfortunately, we lost Vince Hall for a few weeks due to a broken wrist. We’re really going to miss him against Boston College.

It was really nice to spend time and reminisce with old fraternity brothers. There were guys there last weekend that graduated in the late 1960s so it was a special weekend for them. It’s been 40 years since the local Alpha Pi Tau fraternity was founded at Virginia Tech, and it was surreal to see that these guys were still friends after all this time and that they shared the same sort of camaraderie that I share with the guys with whom I went to school.

Of course, I’m not the same person I was 15 years ago when I pledged Zeta Psi, but the bonds that I formed back then remain strong, and as the old guys showed us this past weekend, those bonds will continue to remain strong for many years to come.

Random Thoughts

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Sep 302007

Those crisp fall nights are finally starting, and it’s only a matter of time before I can start having a crackling fire going.

I used to really care about baseball, but I haven’t followed it much over the last few years. Still, this is utterly amazing.

I don’t think the Hokies are very good. I think we’re really going to have trouble the rest of the season, possibly losing as many as five games.

This is the second week in a row I’ve had a player all of a sudden have a career today and score a ton of points…sitting on my bench. Thank you Kevin Curtis and Patrick Crayton.

More tweaks to the website were done over the last couple of days.

Jul 052007

A couple of weeks ago, I attended an event sponsored by the Tidewater Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association. There, a man by the name of Dr. James Robertson (an Alumni Distinguished Professor at Virginia Tech) gave a speech entitled “Reflections of the Civil War”. It was fantastic – I find myself enjoying these sorts of things nowadays.

What I found most interesting though were his remarks regarding the tragedy of April 16th, 2007. He spoke of the incredible sadness that befell the entire university and how the faculty really weren’t sure how many students would return to class the following Monday when classes resumed. He told his story of walking into his first class that morning, where typically the lecture hall would be filled with the sound of students chatting back and forth, but instead there was complete silence and every single set of eyes laid upon him, wondering what he would say. He said that he asked everyone if they knew anyone that had died, and about one hundred hands went up. He then asked who felt as if they knew someone that died, and up went the remaining hands. The rest of the class was spent listening to students recant stories of friends lost on that tragic day, and Dr. Robertson said it was an extremely emotional time and one of the most memorable of his forty year teaching career.

At that point, he turned his attention to the fall and the upcoming football season. Having spent sixteen seasons as an ACC football referee, he has a real passion for the game. He pointed at everyone in the room and told us that we had no right to boo anyone this fall. This is because just about every university and college in the country showered Virginia Tech with cards, gifts, money, etc. after April 16th, and some are still giving. Before the first home game against, ECU is going to present a check to Tech for $100,000. He said most people would recognize the generosity and not boo, but then how do you stop, in his words, the “rednecks and drunks”? He then detailed a letter he had written to Jim Weaver with his idea on how to curtail everyone from booing.

His idea is let the Hokie football team come out first onto the field. Then have the team line up on either side of the visitor’s locking room as they come out onto the field. Everyone will be so pumped up and cheering the Hokie football team that they won’t feel like booing the opponent’s team – at least that’s the idea. He didn’t say whether Jim Weaver had responded to this idea or not.

He then mentioned one last thing. The actual name of the university is quite a mouthful, so much so that it doesn’t even fit on letterhead with a standard font size. With the phrase “We are Virginia Tech” gaining notoriety, everyone now knows us as Virginia Tech. He is on a committee that is looking into changing the official name of the school from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University to simply, Virginia Tech State University. He said it is likely that this will happen.

So there you have it. I agree with him that we shouldn’t boo anyone at our games this fall, but I’m not sure if Weaver will be up for our team coming out first. I’m not sure what to think about changing the name of the school. I mean, it’s been VPI&SU for so long that it’s almost a badge of honor that our school name is so convoluted. It probably won’t mater much to me either way, but it will be interesting to see which way is decided.

VT vigil

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Apr 212007

Monica and I attended the Virginia Tech vigil that occurred yesterday evening at Mt Trashmore in Virginia Beach. I’ve posted a short clip on YouTube that I’ve also embedded below. It was a great way to pay tribute to those whose lives were tragically cut short on 4/16/2007.

A ton of bricks

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Apr 182007

Yesterday was tougher than I expected it to be. I was able to watch and listen to some of the convocation online, and I thought that Governor Kaine and President Bush spoke very eloquently. What moved me the most was the stirring poem by Professor Giovanni and the impromptu “Let’s Go Hokies!” chant that followed. It brought tears to my eyes.

This has really affected more than I thought it would, and I guess that’s because I went to school there. This kind of thing isn’t supposed to happen in Blacksburg. I found out yesterday that a friend of mine was supposed to be in that German class in Norris Hall at 9 am, the one where only four people walked out with the rest either dead or injured. He started to leave for class, but for some reason just stayed home. Thank God you did, Brian.

It’s things such as that scenario that I keep thinking about. What would I have done if I would have been there? I’d like to think I would have tried to stop the guy, but the truth is I probably would have reacted as others did, turning over desks and barricading the door.

The media have really pissed me off during this whole ordeal with the constant questioning of the administration’s actions and timing after the first shooting. The truth is no one thinks anyone is capable of such horrific acts. It was great to see the students give Dr. Steger a standing ovation during the convocation. I hope they all know that the Hokie faithful stand behind them one hundred percent.

Hokie tears

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Apr 172007

I used to like seeing or hearing about Virginia Tech in the news. That usually meant our sports teams were doing well, or perhaps one of the colleges was ranked in a list that some magazine had compiled. I can remember during my time there screaming for us to get more attention because we all knew our football team was good, but no one else knew because who had ever really heard of our little university with the long name tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Southwest Virginia?

Well, everyone knows who we are now.

Hokie Tears

Yes, people in the sports world have known about us for some time now, but now Virginia Tech will be remembered forever, spoken about in the same sentence as many other tragedies that have befallen this
nation. We are now very famous in a way that makes me sick to my stomach – infamous as it were.

It’s been eleven years since I was a student at Virginia Tech, and I remember those days fondly. I still keep in regular contact with fraternity brothers and friends and try to visit whenever I can. My sophomore year was spent on campus in West AJ, the same dorm where this nightmare started yesterday morning. I lived on the first floor on the side closest to the Cochrane dorm. I’ve walked down that hall since then and memories from that year flash back in my mind, and I usually smile and hide a chuckle. Different kinds of memories will flood the minds of people walking down those halls now.

I made the walk over to Norris for various classes in that building, and I even recall having one on the second floor. I cannot imagine being there yesterday morning; it’s difficult to imagine why anyone would ever do such a terrible thing to innocent people.

My prayers are going out to all affected by this tragedy; my heart aches for you. May God grant peace to all who are suffering, and may He lay his hand on my beloved university during this difficult time.

Sad Day

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Apr 162007

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the students, families, faculty and staff of Virginia Tech as they deal with this terrible tragedy.

We here at are Hokies (legitimate and by association) and we are deeply saddened by the events of today.

Oct 272006

The Hokies have rebounded nicely in their last two games with an easy win over Southern Miss and a complete domination of the team formerly known as #10, Clemson. Wow, what a difference playing well on both sides of the ball makes.

The big difference though has been Brandon Ore. When everyone was asking him about which one of the two Clemson running backs was going to be better on Thursday night, he responded by saying he was the best of the three – and then he went out and proved it.

He followed up a great game against the Golden Eagles with a phenomenal peformance against the Tigers. I think he better take the offensive line out for a steak dinner to thank them for finally figuring out how to block.

The ACC Championship is a long shot so we’re just playing for pride and a New Year’s Day bowl game. I didn’t think that was feasible two games ago, but now I do. That is why I love this game.


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Oct 122006

I watched one half of a football game tonight. Then after that, I don’t remember a game being played.

Right now, I’m embarrassed to be a Hokie. I’m tired of the excuses, the poor play, the personal fouls, the stupid penalities, and I’m tired of games like this. I’m tired of talented players underachieving. I’m tired of players losing their cool. I’m tired of teams with less talent beating us because they actually execute their plays correctly. I’m tired of our team having no heart.

And I don’t know how we can fix it.