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Jan 222007

Things have been moving pretty quickly since the beginning of the year. It was really difficult getting back into the swing of things at work – very tough when you’ve been off a week and a half. I really enjoyed our time off, so it made it that much worse to have to go back to earning a paycheck.

Monica has started classes again (her last semester!) and is already hip deep in work. She’s already had her first test and has her hands full trying to balance her school work while volunteering at a local nursing home. I don’t know how she keeps things straight.

I’ve been fighting off some sort of cold or something the past couple of weeks. It kind of comes and goes – some days are better than others, but I think I’m finally starting to kick it.

We finally started to get some cold weather. I mean, what’s winter without temperatures below 50 degrees? It was starting to feel like Florida around here, but thank goodness it’s actually been cold enough for me to burn some fire wood lately.

We had to say goodbye to some good friends earlier this month. They took off for Texas for bigger and better things. We’ll really miss them, but we know they are following God’s plan, and we’ll keep them in our prayers.

Jul 242006

Brian and I went on vacation in May. He was supposed to write about it but I think he has given up on updating this website. We visited Disney World, Epcot, Sea World (which I’d never been to) and MGM studios. We had a great time and I loved meeting Shamu!

After we came back I started my summer classes and thankfully those are now over. I did well and I’ve already registered for the fall….less than a year, less than a year, less than a year………

On July 4th we gathered with friends and headed to see the Dave Matthews Band. It was a great show with fireworks at the end and everyone had a great time. After the concert we came out the wrong way and had to cross through some bushes to get to our car and as a result, Brian is now recovering from the worst case of poison something I’ve ever seen.

As far as summer movies we’ve seen: Poseidon – awful; X-Men – pretty good; Superman – good; The Devil Wears Prada (monica only) – really good. We still need to see Pirates and we are still debating whether we will go see World Trade Center.

Brian and I celebrated our 3rd year Anniversary. Praise God!

Okay, I know this was a very short summary but that’s all I have for now.

Sick Again

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Nov 282005

Monica and I are sick once again, and it’s due to us volunteering to watch the toddler class at church. Those kids are little germ factories, and they must have been in high production for us.

We were still able to decorate the house for Christmas and enjoy the Hokies big win over UNC to clinch a spot in the ACC championship game.

Anyone venture out on Black Friday? Not a chance here. I know there were some good deals, but man, who wants to deal with this?


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Nov 142005

I used my gas blower/vac to suck up a bunch of leaves in our yard this past weekend, and I guess I used my hamstrings way more than I usually do because it feels as if someone used them for a punching bag. We’ve bagged up so many leaves already, and yet they fall as fast as you pick them up. Oh, my poor hammys.

May 012005

Been a little while since I posted so here’s what’s up.

I’ve been sick the past week or so with some sort of cold/sinus infection thing, and now Monica has it as well. It really knocked me on my butt for a few days, and it came out of no where. Now Monica has to deal with it and finals as well. Sorry, baby.

We did manage to get in some yard work, but we still have a long way to go. Shoveling dirt is no fun, especially when you’re sick.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve updated the look of the site, as well as cleaned up some of the code. It’s something I’ve been working on here and there for awhile now, and I finally decided it was time for a change. I think the previous design was pretty consistent for a couple of years. There are still some pages that haven’t been updated yet, but let us know what you think.

Jan 232005

Didn’t do a whole lot this weekend as I’m recovering from my cold. I’m slowly feeling better, and I think my veins are pumping Robitussin now.

Been watching some good NFL playoff action today. Too bad the blizzard didn’t hit today instead of yesterday because that would have made these games even more fun to watch. The Eagles surprised me with their play as they finally got over the hump, and the Patriots are not surprising me with the way they are beating the Steelers right now. My prediction of a Pats-Falcons will be half correct, I think. Of course, as I’m typing this, the Steelers are driving to get back to within seven.

I heard a little while ago of the passing of Johnny Carson. When he was still doing his thing, I was more of a Letterman fan, but I did enjoy The Tonight Show, and he definitely pioneered the format that everyone now emulates. I’m not sure why, but it feels weird when the famous people that I can remember as always being there when I was growing up, start dying. It really makes you aware of your own age.

I Be Illin’

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Jan 192005

Well, I was trying to fight it off, but something definitely got ahold of me. I’m stuffed up, head in a vise, just plain sick. That and being pumped full of meds makes for wonderful days at work. Ugh.

Aug 312004

Back on June 12, Monica and I were smack dab in the middle of looking for a new house. We got up that morning, quickly ate breakfast, and took off to look at an attached home that just didn’t do it for us. As we mulled over that house, heading down the road to look at another house that we wouldn’t like, it seemed to be just your ordinary Saturday morning.

We were following our real estate lady on a divided four lane highway, but it was the kind that didn’t have turn lanes so if you wanted to turn left, you had to stop traffic in the left lane. That’s just what someone did in front of our agent, and she was forced to stop rather suddenly which in turn forced us to stop in much the same manner. After I came to an abrupt halt, I glanced towards the rear view mirror, something which I’m accustomed to do just to make sure the person behind me has stopped as well.

In the next half a second, I saw a very quickly moving grill of a car, followed by darkness, a loud crash, the rush of wind and glass, and the feeling of my head rest smacking me in the back of my head.

So there we were, seats fully reclined, looking out the front of my car, both of us in a daze. I knew immediately what happened, but Monica was a little worse for wear as she was a little out of it. Our agent wasn’t exactly sure what happened, but she pulled over and called 911 as she rushed over to see if we were okay. I actually got out of the car for a second to look at the damage (yes, I know you’re not supposed to do that), but my neck hurt badly so I got back in the car.

The paramedics and firefighters arrived and surveyed the situation which prompted this exchange.

“Do you want to go the hospital?”

“Uh, isn’t that your decision?”

So, yes, we did indeed want to go to the hospital via a ride in the ambulance. They even put neck braces on us and pulled us out of the car to set us on those stiff, blue boards After an eternity on the most uncomfortable surface known to man and many x-rays, we were released from the hospital with only sprains and bruises. It took a couple of weeks before we were really back to normal, but we thank God that we are alive today to talk about it.

Here are some photos of my car after the accident.


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Jun 082004

Well, something has really got ahold of me. I had been coughing for a few days, and my throat was hurting, but I was able to get around ok. Then yesterday, my nose was running constantly, I was sneezing every five seconds, and I just had no energy at all.

Now this morning, I woke up dizzy, and my head feels like I’m cruising at 35,000 feet. I managed to stay healthy all winter long, but I’m paying for it now.

Aug 212003

I left for Chicago last Thursday a little apprehensive as to what might happen at one of our most hectic meetings of the year. Although, the meeting was in fact really hectic and tiresome, I cannot believe everything that happened to everyone I know while I was away.

As soon as I get to Chicago, I get a phone call from Brian telling me that New York is without power and all I could think about was my brother. Fortunately for my mom, she was and still is in Puerto Rico, so she missed the whole thing. After a couple of hours of trying to reach my brother, he finally calls me and lets me know that he will be stuck at work and will sleep under his desk as he has no way of getting home. After this phone call, my mom calls to tell me that she is very worried about my brother and also told me that she had some kind of food poisoning and was more than sick. After this phone call from my mom, I get another phone call from Brian telling me that his dad needed emergency surgery and he was going home to be with him….at this point I had been gone for about 8 hours. I could not believe it!! Brian also hurt one of his knees and my friend Laura broke her nose in a Brady Bunch-like accident with a softball.

I am happy to report that my brother finally got home 30 hours later, my mom got over her food poisoning, Brian’s father is doing well, Brian’s knee is expected to be fine and Laura says that her nose is expected to make a full recovery.

I turn my back for a second and everything just goes all crazy! Lucky for all of you, I am back now. There is something to say about having me around.