Dec 022007

Virginia Tech won another ACC Championship on Saturday, it was awesome!  It was really sweet getting revenge on Boston College, sticking it to the Heisman wannabe, Matt Ryan.  We really made them look silly, and it was glorious.

I thought that was going to be the extent of my rooting for the Hokies this weekend until WVU astoundingly lost to a very bad Pitt team, and then Oklahoma expectedly throttled Missouri last night. 

Wow, what a crazy season.

So Ohio State seemed to be a lock for #1, and then it’s a crap shoot as to who their opponent would be, but listening to many of the analysts last night,  it seemed to be a forgone conclusion that LSU “deserved” to be #2, despite losing last week to an unranked team and even though a team in their conference who didn’t even play in their championship game was ranked ahead of them (and placed there by the voters).  Both of the other major conference winners (Oklahoma and USC) were being considered as possible opponents even though they were ranked in the bottom half of the top ten.  Both were called “hot” teams because they have four or five games in a row.  Even Hawaii was thrown into the mix for being undefeated.

What major conference winner, “hot” winner of five in a row, and higher ranked team wasn’t mentioned?  That’s right – Virginia Tech.

And the AP and Coaches poll today show LSU at #2 and Oklahoma at #3.  Huh?

First of all, the fact that the Hokies didn’t jump Georgia is ridiculous.  Then to have LSU jump all the way to #2 ahead of us after we beat a higher ranked team is unfathomable.  I know LSU beat us in week 2 by 41, but both our losses were to the #2 ranked team in the country at the time while both of their losses were to unranked teams.  That has to count for something.

What is the point of having polls the entire season if you can hit the reboot button the last week of the season?

I’m not trying to say that Va Tech is the second best team in the country.  I would just like to be shown some respect.

Oct 092007

I certainly didn’t mean to overshadow the events of last weekend with what happened to us on Sunday.

The Hokies whooped Clemson in true Beamerball fashion, and I have to say that I did not expect that at all. I foresaw our offense bogging down once again, and Clemson running all over us. Half of that did come true for a time, but the Hokie defense was magnificent in holding the Clemson running game to a paltry twelve yards. Outstanding!

We were running back interceptions, punts, and kickoffs for touchdowns like crazy. Tyrod played moderately well, protecting the ball for the most part, and exploiting the Clemson defense for some big runs. He even had a couple of nice passes, but overall, the offense is really going to have to improve for us to have a shot at another ACC championship.

Unfortunately, we lost Vince Hall for a few weeks due to a broken wrist. We’re really going to miss him against Boston College.

It was really nice to spend time and reminisce with old fraternity brothers. There were guys there last weekend that graduated in the late 1960s so it was a special weekend for them. It’s been 40 years since the local Alpha Pi Tau fraternity was founded at Virginia Tech, and it was surreal to see that these guys were still friends after all this time and that they shared the same sort of camaraderie that I share with the guys with whom I went to school.

Of course, I’m not the same person I was 15 years ago when I pledged Zeta Psi, but the bonds that I formed back then remain strong, and as the old guys showed us this past weekend, those bonds will continue to remain strong for many years to come.

Random Thoughts

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Sep 302007

Those crisp fall nights are finally starting, and it’s only a matter of time before I can start having a crackling fire going.

I used to really care about baseball, but I haven’t followed it much over the last few years. Still, this is utterly amazing.

I don’t think the Hokies are very good. I think we’re really going to have trouble the rest of the season, possibly losing as many as five games.

This is the second week in a row I’ve had a player all of a sudden have a career today and score a ton of points…sitting on my bench. Thank you Kevin Curtis and Patrick Crayton.

More tweaks to the website were done over the last couple of days.

Fantasy lineups

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Sep 162007

Haven’t posted much lately, but I figured I’d share my fantasy football lineups for this season.

Dwight Army of Champions
QB Vince Young
QB Alex Smith
RB Rudi Johnson
RB Edgerrin James
RB Marshawn Lynch
RB Fred Taylor
RB Anthony Thomas
WR Tory Holt
WR Marques Colston
WR Bernard Berrian
WR Mike Furrey
WR Matt Jones
K Neil Rackers
D Broncos

Killing Independent George
QB Marc Bulger
QB Eli Manning
QB Tavaris Jackson
RB Edgerrin James
RB Marion Barber
RB Ladell Betts
RB Maurice Morris
RB Marcel Shipp
WR Hines Ward
WR Bernard Berrian
WR Kevin Curtis
WR Marty Booker
TE Tony Gonzales
K Shayne Graham
D Seahawks

I think I made a few mistakes along the way (in both leaues), but overall, I’m happy with my teams. What you you think?

Oct 272006

The Hokies have rebounded nicely in their last two games with an easy win over Southern Miss and a complete domination of the team formerly known as #10, Clemson. Wow, what a difference playing well on both sides of the ball makes.

The big difference though has been Brandon Ore. When everyone was asking him about which one of the two Clemson running backs was going to be better on Thursday night, he responded by saying he was the best of the three – and then he went out and proved it.

He followed up a great game against the Golden Eagles with a phenomenal peformance against the Tigers. I think he better take the offensive line out for a steak dinner to thank them for finally figuring out how to block.

The ACC Championship is a long shot so we’re just playing for pride and a New Year’s Day bowl game. I didn’t think that was feasible two games ago, but now I do. That is why I love this game.


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Oct 122006

I watched one half of a football game tonight. Then after that, I don’t remember a game being played.

Right now, I’m embarrassed to be a Hokie. I’m tired of the excuses, the poor play, the personal fouls, the stupid penalities, and I’m tired of games like this. I’m tired of talented players underachieving. I’m tired of players losing their cool. I’m tired of teams with less talent beating us because they actually execute their plays correctly. I’m tired of our team having no heart.

And I don’t know how we can fix it.


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Sep 302006

I think the thing that hurts the most is the way we lost today. I was worried after our performance last week, and it turns out for good reason. This was a winnable game for us, and our defense blew it in the first ten minutes.

After the first quarter, we pretty much held the Ga Tech offense in check, especially Calvin Johnson. Our offense had some issues, especially protecting Glennon, but there were a few bright spots, and we really moved the ball well at times. Glennon held onto the ball too long a couple of times which is something that comes with experience, and Ore needs to work on his blocking, but our receivers made some great plays. Our offensive line on the other hand was just atrocious; Glennon’s blindside can attest to that.

Of course, there were a couple of dropped passes that would have changed the course of the game. We seemed to forget how to tackle at times, and what the heck was up with our special teams? We aren’t supposed to lose games like that.

I think Glennon will learn alot from this game which will help him later this season when we face BC, Miami, and Clemson. Those games will be dogfights just as tough as today, if not tougher, and hopefully we’ll have a few breaks our way. We certainly didn’t have them today.

Sep 252006

I’m sitting here watching the Saints-Falcons game, and the emotions are riding high in New Orleans. I really thought the Falcons were much better than the Saints, but I guess the emotional high of this night has lit a fire under the Saints and their defense is putting a whoopin’ on Vick & Co right now. We’ll see how the second half goes.

On a side note, Tirico, Kornheiser, and Thiesmann sucked up to racist Spike Lee earlier, which in essence was just a commercial for his documentary. He had the gaul to make a thinly veiled political shot at the President by mentioning something about how he couldn’t believe it took five days for the city to get help.

Why is it usually the left who resort to political statements on a night like this when everyone else is focusing on the comeback of a city that was destroyed last year? I pity people who are so blinded by their bigotry that facts are ignored and common sense become anything but common.

Sep 232006

Pretty lackluster first half for the Hokies today, the blocked punt for a safety aside. The defense really let us down, and the offensive line wasn’t playing very well.

Beamer & Co really made just adjustments at halftime though as we played much better in the second half. The defense played better, and Ore just went off.

As we get into the heavy part of our ACC schedule (read Ga Tech next week), we’re going to have to lean on Ore if we’re going to do anything on offense. If he plays well, things will really open up for Glennon and our great wide receivers so they can make some plays. And it goes without saying (which is why I’ll say it) that our defense really needs to play top notch football if we’re going to have a chance.

I can easily see us losing at least two of our four games against Ga Tech, BC, Clemson, and Miami.

Oh and five

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Sep 212006

Tha’s my record so far in fantasy football. I haven’t won a game in either league that I’m in, and it’s just awesome. One of my teams is just plain awful, so there’s no surprise that I haven’t won a game yet. The other team, however, is a bunch of under achievers. It just doesn’t make sense why some of the guys can’t seem to do anything, but I guess that’s why I keep playing year after year.

See if you can tell which team is which.

Team #1

  • Marc Bulger
  • Byron Leftwich
  • Lamont Jordon
  • Reuben Droughns
  • Marion Barber
  • William Green
  • Justin Fargas
  • Ernest Wilford
  • Terry Glenn
  • Troy Williamson
  • Travis Taylor
  • Roddy White
  • Vernon Davis
  • Jay Feely
  • Bengals Defense

Team #2

  • Eli Manning
  • Chris Simms
  • Ronnie Brown
  • Cadillac Williams
  • Wali Lundy
  • Deangelo Williams
  • Verand Morency
  • Chris Chambers
  • Reggie Wayne
  • Derrick Mason
  • Ernest Wilford
  • Troy Williamson
  • Jay Feely
  • Bengals Defense

These are the teams as they were drafted, but I’ve since made a few changes. It’s going to be a long season.