May 302008

Can’t believe summer is almost here!

We saw a couple of movies last weekend. Prince Caspian which we totally enjoyed and Indiana Jones which Brian says is worth watching but just ok. I thought it was just not good. Not good at all. I left feeling like they recycled some old jokes (like the whole snake thing), put in some good stunts and cob webs and that should be enough to distract you from the fact that there is no character development and the actors don’t seem to even want to try. Oh, well. Can’t wait for Batman. Hopefully that wont disappoint. Iron Man was pretty good and Robert Downey Jr. was awesome!

What will I do without The Office and Lost? Both season finales were very good and now I have to wait…American Idol was pretty good as well and I was happy David Cook won.

Summer Plans
Not much. Just relax and head to the beach.

We’re having our milk delivered every week. Isn’t that a hoot? A local dairy leaves our milk in glass bottles so that it’s there when we open the door and we just leave the old glass bottles for them to pick up. Really good chocolate milk as well! I feel very Rob and Laura Petrie!

We started adding Tofu to our diet. Very yummy!

Not much else going on. More updates soon!

Sep 232007

Just sitting here on Sunday evening watching my fantasy football hopes go up in flames once again while I change a few things on the site.

Pretty relaxing weekend here. Just listened to the Hokie game yesterday (a drubbing of William & Mary) and ran a few errands last night, followed by a thoroughly enjoyable Thai dinner. I love my massaman. Monica loves the pad thai.

March Update

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Mar 112007

Sorry for the lack of updates but things have been a little hectic around here. Praise God everything is going well at brimon headquarters.


School is almost done and I have a position in a surgery trauma unit waiting for me upon successful completion of nursing school and RN licensure! Exciting stuff for sure.


The half-marathon is this coming Sunday (the 18th). Krystyn and I feel we’re ready but you never know. I’ve never ran in any sort of marathon before so it should be interesting and hopefully a lot of fun!

House Stuff
We’ve learned a little bit more than we ever wanted to know about heat pumps, heat strips and thermostats. The heating system or whatever you want to call it in our home totally crapped out on us this February and of course it had to happen during the coldest weekend ever. The temperature in our house dropped down to 49 degrees by the time it was fixed but thankfully we shacked up with the in-laws. We had to leave the water running so the pipes wouldn’t freeze etc., etc. Not fun!


Lately we’ve been expanding our diet by including many Mediterranean/middle eastern dishes to include falafel which is a fried patty made from fava beans and/or chickpeas, couscous, hummus, baba ganoush (eggplant salad), Lebanese and Iranian cuisine. All totally yummy.

Yes….we are watching American Idol and are totally embarrassed to admit it. Totally love it! This season is crazy so far. Glad Antonella is gone but why is Sanjaya still there? I feel it’s just like one big joke we get suckered into every year and the votes don’t really count.

Love The Office. It’s our favorite show on TV! We still watch Lost but there better be some answers soon to keep us interested. Brian loves Heroes and still watches Smallville and Battlestar Galactica.

I’d like to go see 300 so hopefully we can make to the movies some time soon.

Okay, that was a quick update. We’ll write again soon!

I’m still full

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Nov 252005

Holy cow, what an eating fest yesterday was. We have leftovers in the frig and plenty of Tums in the cupboard.

We’re off to some sort of Christmas craft show today. I can not believe it’s Christmas already, but I think I’m ready for it. We’ll probably start decorating some tonight and then it’s a full-on decorate-a-thon tomorrow.

And for all you folks that already have decorations up, for instance the house I saw lit up with Christmas lights last night…well, bah humbug.

Jul 172005

My Dad gave me some veggies from his garden yesterday, and we enjoyed some of them in a salad today. He’s a regular farmer with his monster garden, with his rows upon rows of vegetables. He could put Del Monte out of business.

Meanwhile we’re chugging along with one radish and one green pepper. I think we’ll get some tomatoes eventually, and a few more green peppers, and then some cucumbers if we’re lucky. I think I’m set on what not to do, so anyone have any good gardening tips?

Reverse Redneck

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Jun 262005

For the first time since we moved back to this area, I’ve been to the beach. It really hasn’t changed.

We decided to get up early this morning, around 7 am, in order to head out to the beach before it got too crowded. We arrived a little around 8:30 am, and we had no trouble finding a place to park. I was actually surprised at the number of people already there, but there was plenty of space on the sand for our towels, and the weather was perfect. The sun was blazing, but there was a nice breeze so it didn’t seem hot at all.

On the way there, we picked up some of that new Coke Zero which I must say I like a lot. It’s way better than Diet Coke, and to me it just tastes like a less sweetened regular Coke.

I dozed for awhile on the beach while Monica read some magazines. A little before noon, we packed up for home as it was starting to get pretty hot, and we had baked long enough. I had put on the sunscreen so I was fairly sure I didn’t fry my skin. We headed home just in time to relax some more, and then wash the cars. I cooked out some leftover burgers from the DMB concert while we enjoyed some nice jazz music on the porch. Monica’s family even got to check us out on the webcam for a bit. 🙂

All in all, a pretty long but very enjoyable day, and now I’m beat. Turns out I’m pretty pink, but not really burned, except for a little spot on the front of my neck that I apparently missed with the sunscreen. Sort of like a reverse redneck.


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May 082005

My Mom just left our house with flowers in hand after enjoying a feast of fajitas. We also enjoyed a great strawberry swirl cake that Monica whipped up, and just had a swell time.

This is the first time I’ve spent Mother’s Day with my Mom since I went off to college in 1991. Every other year since then, it’s been a phone call and flowers delivered by some UPS guy. Well, Mom, let me just say that it was a delight spending this special day with you, and I hope you realize how much I appreciate and love you.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

The Burg

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Apr 182005

Went spent the past weekend in good ol’ Blacksburg. I even had a chance to take a couple of shots for the moblog.

Had a great dinner at Mike’s Grill on Friday and lunch at Sharkey’s and dinner at Bogen’s on Saturday which is a record restaurant turn-out for us. I always try to hit some of the old places to get some that good grub that I can’t get anywhere else.

Hung out with some old friends and went to the Hokies spring football game on Saturday afternoon. Marcus Vick looked decent, but it’s hard to tell much when play stops as soon as someone lays a hand on you. Of course, that didn’t stop Glennon from looking awful with three interceptions and cementing his back-up QB spot. The defense shined as usual.

The ride back is always long, but it’s even longer since we moved. We still had a great time though, and now I can’t wait for football season to start.


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Apr 102005

Wow, what a beautiful weekend, and we spent a great deal of it outside in our yard.

On Saturday, we planted twelve azaleas down one side of our house (with fresh top soil and mulch) with the hopes that they will bloom watermelon red flowers relatively soon. It took a while digging all of those holes and arranging the weed-repelling fabric. We did some research on what to plant there, and most of the area gets filtered light mostly in the afternoon. Hopefully the azaleas will flourish, but who knows. This is our first attempt at real-life gardening.

On Sunday, I mowed the grass for the first time this year. After that, I sat out on our patio for awhile with the laptop to get some work done and enjoy our freshly manicured yard. Then I grilled some chicken and fresh asparagus, and we had a genuine outdoor-type dinner complete with lighted candle and all. Ain’t we fancy?

Typical Weekend

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Mar 132005

Pretty busy weekend for us as we started out having dinner with family to celebrate my uncle’s birthday on Friday night. We went to Frankie’s, a local rib place. I love me some good BBQ.

Then on Saturday, I got up early to meet my Dad at our house to do some yard work. We did some preliminary planning and laid out some string to visualize what I want to do. It was pretty cold though so it wasn’t very pleasant, but it did finally start to warm up right as we were finishing…naturally.

Ran some errands on Saturday afternoon, and then we went to a hockey game with Greg (I posted a photo on the moblog). It was a pretty exciting game as it went to overtime, and the Admirals ended up scoring thirty seconds into the extra period. Woohoo! We finished the night off with a late dinner at Waterside.

Today, we got up to go to church, did our normal grocery shopping, and this afternoon, I watched some great basketball (March Madness about to begin, you know) while doing the fun task of balancing the finances.

Like I said, pretty busy weekend as there always seemed to be something to do. Now back to work. 🙁