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Sep 052007

It’s been a busy summer around here and can’t believe it’s September already. Last month we went to Puerto Rico to celebrate my grandmother’s 97th birthday and had a lot of fun. She is doing great and we loved spending that special day with her. We were afraid we weren’t going to make it due to the threat of hurricane Dean but thankfully it’s path was well to the south and all we got was some rain and some wonderful breeze that cooled off the island while we were there. If you’ve never been on a flight to PR then you might have not heard or experienced the strange phenomenon of Puerto Ricans clapping when the plane touches down in San Juan. Well it happens and it makes Brian laugh every time. I’m not sure when or how that came about, I just know I’ve always done it and so do most Puerto Ricans. Maybe it has something to do with “coming home” but I guess it might mean different things to different people. I just know it’s very exciting to visit and hope to do so more often.

Work has been going well. It’s pretty hectic working on a trauma floor and I get to see all kinds of stuff. My patient’s range from motor vehicle accidents, gun shot wounds, stab wounds, burns etc., etc., etc. I have long hours so when I’m off I tend to just bum around. I love my job and hope to get all the experience I can. Brian is also doing well working super hard at his new position at work. He’s definitely climbing that corporate ladder and I’m very proud of him. God has really blessed us and we definitely praise Him for everything!

Jack is doing okay. He’s getting on in years and it’s definitely slower but he’s still my baby cakes and I love him!!!

We don’t have many plans for the fall but we’re working on it. I know Brian could not be more excited to have football back into his life which means I just have more free time for shopping or something like that.

We’ll update more soon. Hope everyone is well.

Happy Birthday little Sadie! We love you.

April Stuff

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Apr 122007


Two weeks and a day! That’s what I have left of school. I am currently trying to survive my internship (preceptorship) and it’s going well. I’m a little tired but that was to be expected. Working 12 hours shifts is tough but I’m learning a lot and love the job. Taking on a full load of patients was a scary thought before the week started but I’m handling it okay and have to praise all the nurses out there who do it every day. After this week is over, I have 2 more weeks of lecture, one test and one gigantic final on May 1st. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it……

Everything Else

It is Brian’s birthday this month and I gave him a classical guitar as a gift. He has been wanting to learn the guitar for a long time and our good friend James has been teaching him and even letting Brian borrow his guitar. I thought it would be a perfect gift and he loved it. He practices every night and has a lot of fun. James and Krystyn were very generous and bought him a case for it and I am very thankful for their assistance in purchasing the guitar as I had no idea what to look for. You guys rock!

My mom just left after visiting for 10 days and we had a lot of fun together. I love listening to the latest Spanish music with her, watching our favorite novela “La Fea Mas Bella” on Univision and eating that wonderful Puerto Rican food she makes so well. She is the best cook in the world and I truly believe she could open a restaurant and make a fortune. I guess I’m a little biased but she rocks in the kitchen!!


Sucks right now. I’m waiting to put the jacket away but no such luck yet.


Still planning. Not sure where we want to go this year. Last year we went to Disney World for a week and had the best time in the world. Trying to top it this year but Brian and I LOVE Disney so that will be hard to do. We’ll see.

That’s all for now.

Happy New Year

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Jan 022007

I guess it’s about time to wish everyone a happy new year so…Happy New Year!

I haven’t updated much lately because I was off the entire week after Christmas, and we spent much of the time relaxing and taking day trips. I received a ton of great gifts, and as always, everyone was extremely generous and I’m very grateful. Lately I’ve been playing with one of my Christmas presents just a tad. Yes, I have one now thanks to Monica and her family. Woohoo!

So that’s taking up much of my free time right now, especially this game, and I haven’t done much of anything else. I haven’t even posted any Christmas pictures yet, but I think I’ll do those tomorrow.

Update: photos have been added here, here, and here.

Busy Week

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Dec 182005

Pretty busy week for us.

On Monday, Monica and I attended a luncheon for my Mom’s retirement. There’s not too many photos here yet, but there will be as soon as I get the pics from my Mom’s camera. We ate lunch at the Olive Garden and my Mom had to give a speech (she did a great job). It was really nice hearing her coworkers laud her with compliments, and her boss presented her with a few gifts and awards. On Tuesday, an admiral presented her with several awards from the Navy.

On Friday, Monica and I attended a luncheon for Marlene’s retirement luncheon. We ate lunch at the Marriott, and then listened as coworkers and bosses of Marlene told us what a pleasure it was to work with her. The special agent in charge of the Norfolk field office presented her with several gifts and awards, and then friends and family gathered at her home to enjoy food and drink while celebrating Marlene’s retirement.

On Saturday, Monica and I headed off to Williamsburg once again to check out the Christmas decorations. We bundled up as it was a bit cold, and the town was decorated very nicely, if a little subdued (just as it was back in colonial times). We even got to meet Thomas Jefferson.

Today, we joined my family at my Mom’s house to celebrate Christmas because we will be with Monica’s family in New York on Christmas Day. I’m still full from all the food I ate, and everyone was more than generous in their gifts. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Now it’s time to relax and go back to work.

Very Thankful

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Nov 242005

I’m sitting here once again watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, having just returned from the airport to pick up Monica’s mom. They sure do like plugging the NBC shows on here. And they also like showing me all the Broadway shows that I’ve never heard of, but at least I can look at the balloons. It will be cool in December to actually visit the Macy’s store where this is all taking place. They have an entire floor of just Christmas stuff.

Time to reflect on things for which I am thankful.

  • I’m thankful that God has provided so much for us, and kept us safe and healthy over the last year.
  • I’m thankful to share Thanksgiving with family: from my parents and stepparents to my uncle and aunt and other extended family.
  • I’m thankful that Monica’s Mom could fly down and join us and that she arrived safely this morning.
  • I’m thankful that Monica has done so well in school this last year and half, and that she is well on her way to being a real-life registered nurse.
  • I’m thankful for having parents that have worked so hard and are now able to retire and enjoy their well-deserved time off for the rest of their lives.
  • I’m thankful that we live in the greatest country that has every existed, and that in every generation since 1775, we have had young men volunteer to preserve our freedoms.

And last but certainly not least…

  • I’m thankful for Hokie football. 🙂

The list could go on and on, and I’m certainly thankful for more than I could write here, but you get the gist of it.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Retirement Time

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Nov 192005

We attended a retirement party for my Dad yesterday. After joining the Navy forty five years ago, and Civil Service twenty five years ago, he’s decided to call it a career. His actual last day isn’t until the end of the year, but his office commemorated it (or perhaps celebrated it? 😉 ) yesterday. I’ve posted some photos of the event here.

Heres to you, Dad, for forty five years of hard work. I love you, and I’m very proud of you.


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Jul 312005

Pretty uneventful weekend around here as it rained for most of it. I’ve had to do some actual work which makes for what amounts to a non-existent weekend, but we did manage to head out yesterday evening to help out my Dad and Marlene with one of their Shrine events.

We helped hand out drinks to about 610 people, and then had a good time hanging out, chatting, and dancing. Monica even tried to learn something called the boot-scootin’ boogie.

I assure you that the rumors of me attempting this dance have been greatly exaggerated.

Jul 172005

My Dad gave me some veggies from his garden yesterday, and we enjoyed some of them in a salad today. He’s a regular farmer with his monster garden, with his rows upon rows of vegetables. He could put Del Monte out of business.

Meanwhile we’re chugging along with one radish and one green pepper. I think we’ll get some tomatoes eventually, and a few more green peppers, and then some cucumbers if we’re lucky. I think I’m set on what not to do, so anyone have any good gardening tips?

May 312005

This weekend was very exciting for me because my mom Julia and my cousin Luis drove all the way from The Bronx to come see us. They drove all Friday night and arrived Saturday early morning.

After some sleep, we had a wonderful lunch of platanos con huevos (plantains and eggs) and headed to the beach. It was a little cooler than expected, but we had fun walking the boardwalk and eating ice cream.

Saturday evening, we headed over to Bill and Jeanette’s for a wonderful dinner and relaxed watching The Empire Strikes Back which is always very entertaining.

Sunday, we headed to Jim and Marlene’s for a BBQ. It was a beautiful day to sit on the deck and eat and then eat some more!

Sunday evening Brian, Luis and I went to the movies to see Crash which was a little weird.

Memorial Day Monday, Julia and Luis headed back up north and Brian and I relaxed.

Thanks mom and Luis for driving those long hours to spend time with us! We love you!


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May 082005

My Mom just left our house with flowers in hand after enjoying a feast of fajitas. We also enjoyed a great strawberry swirl cake that Monica whipped up, and just had a swell time.

This is the first time I’ve spent Mother’s Day with my Mom since I went off to college in 1991. Every other year since then, it’s been a phone call and flowers delivered by some UPS guy. Well, Mom, let me just say that it was a delight spending this special day with you, and I hope you realize how much I appreciate and love you.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!