Foote’s Legacy

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Jun 292005

You might have heard lately of the passing of someone named Shelby Foote, and if you’ve ever watched Ken Burn’s epic The Civil War, you’ve no doubt seen him. I love that documentary because it just feeds my passion for history, and Shelby Foote’s commentary is a big reason I enjoy it so much. He just has a way of making things more interesting to listen to.

If you haven’t watched it before, be absolutely sure to catch it next time PBS runs it, or just go out and buy the DVD set already. I plan on rewatching it very soon.

I also just added Foote’s The Civil War: A Narrative to my wishlist. *hint* *hint*

Jan 132005

I’m sitting here with Monica watching a couple episodes from the Seinfeld DVDs that we received for Christmas. They really did a good job with these things.

I especially like the “Notes About Nothing” that appear during each of the episodes. They really give a lot of insight into the production of the particular episode and the story behind it.

I’ve probably watched every episode at least three or four times in syndication, but it’s really nice being able to watch them any time you want. It will enable me to quote even more lines from the show in everyday conversation, because I certainly don’t do that enough as it is.

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