Dec 152003

Ah, what a relaxing weekend. We slept ALOT Saturday and Sunday. Didn’t really plan on it; it just sort of happened. We had caught up on some errands already so we didn’t have a whole lot to do outside of the house.

On Friday evening, we tested our acting skills by playing Mary and Joseph in a live nativity at our church. Not really much acting involved, but we did have to wear the appropriate Biblical attire and stand outside in the cold in a manger with some animals. It was actually quite fun as alot of people came by with their kids and got to learn the real meaning of Christmas. There were five scenes in all from shepherds to wisemen to baby Jesus, and there were some pictures that were taken so I’ll try to post those when I get them.

Too bad the firemen at the station next door decided to spray their hoses all over the field where we set up the scenes. :angry:

On Saturday evening, we went to the see The Nutcracker performed by the Washington Ballet at the Warner Theatre. Now, I’m not into the whole ballet thing usually, but the story and music of the Nutcracker just fits with Christmas. I’m sure everyone is at least familiar with the music as it’s played in countless commercials. I remember watching filmstrips in grade school; the kind where still shots of drawings are projected onto a screen while the music plays and the narrator tells the story, and there are occasional beeps to tell you to advance to the next frame. Do they still show these in school?

Anyway, we had a really good time there. It wasn’t quite as eventful as the last time we went two years ago when there was nudity and sugar plums wrapped around people’s heads. 🙂

On Sunday, we had another snowstorm hit us. That makes two in two weeks and it’s not even winter yet! We received about three or four inches I’d say, but the temperature rose a bit, and it started raining, and the snow turned to slush so it wasn’t that bad. Of course, it all froze over on Sunday night.

So to sum up, living nativities are fun, the nutcracker is cool, and snow is plentiful. Oh and just in case you didn’t read my last message (and you’ve been in a cave)…we got him!