Oct 192006

In writing about the wedding last weekend, I forgot to mention that we saw Sissy Spacek in the hotel right after the rehearsal. We were walking through the lobby when we saw a woman holding alot of bags waiting for an elevator.

Monica: “Isn’t that…”

Me: “Sissy Spacek?”

It totally was. I haven’t seen too many movies with her in them, but I guess once you see someone on TV a few times, you recognize them pretty easily. Apparently she lives in Virginia somewhere, as does Robert Duvall (but we didn’t see him).

The elevator doors opened, and she walked in. Steve and Tanya were on their way upstairs to change clothes, and they got on the same elevator. We walked over to get a better look, all the while pretending that we were saying bye to Steve and Tanya. I think Ms Spacek figured out our ploy as she smiled at us.

Steve later told me that Sissy Spacek had a conversation with them about the wedding. Apparently he did not recognize her, but Tanya did, and now they have a great wedding story. Would have been an even better story had they invited her to the wedding.