So much to say

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Mar 232006

So, yes, it’s been awhile since I posted on here. Not sure why, but I just haven’t felt like writing anything. Sometimes I used to feel like I had to write these mini-essays about whatever was on my mind, and at times I wrote some really stupid stuff just because I thought I had to. I’ll probably still do that, but I’ll do my best to make it somewhat entertaining. 🙂

What have I missed since January?

  • The Super Bowl – The game was good; the commercials were terrible.
  • birthday – My Dad turned 65 on February 11. He can stop singing that Beatles song now. Happy very belated birthday, Dad!
  • Valentine’s Day – I bought Monica an iPod; she was very happy which means I was very happy.
  • DIY – We ripped up the vinyl flooring in our foyer and kitchen (NOT fun at all) and installed ceramic tile (actually not that difficult); it looks really good now even though I have a couple of things I still need to do to finish. I’ll post pictures showing our progress soon.
  • the Oscars – I convinced myself not to watch this year but I did anyway. Hooray for will-power. Really a boring show even though John Stewart was mildly humorous. George Clooney is better than the rest of America, and he knows it.
  • friends – Steve and Tanya held their engagement party in Richmond; we attended and had a great time. Congrats, guys!
  • madness – My NCAA basketball bracket is in flames for another year. I think next year I’m going to get Jack to make my picks because I can’t seem to fill out a good bracket to save my life.
  • wireless – Monica and I both upgraded our mobile phones. Yes, we gave into the marketing hype and are now proud owners of a couple of PEBLs. We got an awesome deal at CompUSA which even included a free Bluetooth headset. I’m in the process of modding them, but since they’re so new, there’s not a whole lot of information about that yet.
  • I’m sure there’s other stuff that I’ve forgotten that I failed to mention. Anyway, I’m back. I didn’t really go anywhere, but you know what I mean. Okay, back to watching basketball.

Jan 272006

We’re going to get a nasty reputation if we keep doing stupid things again and again. I know it’s getting extra attention from the administration because of Marcus, and because of that Weaver felt he had to act. I honestly believe that without the prior incidents, Weaver would have probably done nothing.

And what’s up with our sorry schedule for next season?

Pearl Harbor Day

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Dec 072005

It seems a little weird to call today Pearl Harbor Day. I mean, we don’t call 9/11 Twin Towers Day or Pentagon Day. It’s been so long since 1941 that most people can’t really relate to what Americans went through back then, but there are the inevitable comparisons to 9/11, so I imagine most people were pretty upset. When you read about how events transpired though, you realize that most people didn’t really understand the extent of attack until almost a year later when photos and full accounts of that day appeared in newspapers across the country.

A very good book to read on this subject is game of which we shall not speak ever again, and then the most unlikely of endings. Let the suck-fest continue.

Mar 192005

Boy, my NCAA tournament bracket is really taking a beating. Tons of big upsets this year, but my final four are still alive (although Wake Forest is about to lose in double overtime). If I ever win a pool, I think it will be a sign of the end times.

And the Hokies got smoked today in the second round of the NIT. Suckage all around.


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Mar 152005

I’m sitting here listening to the VT-Temple NIT game on the computer since it’s only on ESPNU; we don’t get that channel (yet). It’s the second half and the Hokies are up by seven in Blacksburg.

Man, it sure brings back memories of the last second Tech win over New Mexico State in 1995. Storming the court is fun.

I hope the Hokies can hold on tonight and advance. Finishing fourth in the ACC and making it to the postseason isn’t bad for our first season in the best basketball conference in the land.

Update: and the Hokies take it 60-50; the first win ever over Temple. Woohoo!


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Feb 192005

The Hokie basketball train keeps on rolling! A HUGE upset over Duke on Thursday night, and a butt-whoopin’ laid on Miami today.

Might we be headed for the big dance?

* I personally don’t think so. Probably the NIT, but how ’bout that for our first year in the ACC?


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Jan 302005

I’m sitting here watching the Hokies get destroyed by the Blue Devils. College football season is over, so it’s time I start turning my attention to college basketball. There hasn’t been much to pay attention to though for Hokies basketball though, except for a couple of seasons in the 90s.

But, surprise, the Hokies have been on a roll lately, winning four in a row in a conference where everyone expected us to do absolutely nothing. Watching us beat UVA the other night, showed me that we can do something in the basketball-rich ACC. And it’s always nice to mop the floor with those filthy wahoos. I don’t even capitalize their name because they don’t deserve it. It’s always satisfying to beat them, but perhaps we’ll even make it to the postseason for the first time since 1996.

Hey, you’ve got to have something to do while waiting for football season to begin again, right?

Bracket Busted

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Mar 222004

Man, just as it seemed as if the first round of the NCAA Tournament was going to form in the first round (only three upsets, none of which were really shocking), the second round just destroyed my brackets. There’s always some upsets, and the trick is to pick which ones, but what’s up with the #1 and #2 seeds in the St. Louis bracket losing in the second round?

Just a wacky tournament it’s turning out to be. Lots of close games this year, though no real buzzer beaters of which to speak, but the upsets are aplenty.

Mar 182004

My brackets are filled out, and the games are started. This is the best sports time of the year.

I’m in couple of pools this year, and it was a tough decision filling out the brackets as there are no real dominant teams that have been kicking butt all season long. The key is to have your final four stay intact, which I’ve never managed to do. The best I’ve ever done is to pick three correct final four teams, but I didn’t even win that year. In fact, I’ve never won. 🙁

What I do hope for are some great buzzer beaters. There’s just nothing better in sports than watching a young college kid make that last-second, clutch shot that keeps their dream alive (such as when VT beat New Mexico St. in the NIT quarterfinals – yeah Travis Jackson!). 🙂


Mar 242003

POWs and casualities today over in Iraq. The reality of this whole thing has really started to set in. I’m all for this war and what we’re trying to do, but it really sucks to hear the bad news, inevitable as it may be. We really need to find our people, and stop those bastards from doing anymore to them. Finish the job, and come home safe, guys.

Watched the Oscars tonight, and it was pretty well done. There were a few mentions of “peace” and “these crazy time”, and the only real idiot of the bunch was Michael Moore. Man, this guy doesn’t deserve to breath the same air as honest Americans. He’s a disgrace. I will never watch anything associated with him. Ever.

Seems a shame to be focusing on basketball with everything else that’s going, but I thought you’d like to know that my NCAA brackets are shot to hell. Thanks for listening.