Random Thoughts

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Sep 302007

Those crisp fall nights are finally starting, and it’s only a matter of time before I can start having a crackling fire going.

I used to really care about baseball, but I haven’t followed it much over the last few years. Still, this is utterly amazing.

I don’t think the Hokies are very good. I think we’re really going to have trouble the rest of the season, possibly losing as many as five games.

This is the second week in a row I’ve had a player all of a sudden have a career today and score a ton of points…sitting on my bench. Thank you Kevin Curtis and Patrick Crayton.

More tweaks to the website were done over the last couple of days.

Aug 062004

We’re heading to a minor league baseball game tonight. I’ve been to a few Tides games in my life, but I haven’t been to one in quite a few years. Harbor Park is a really nice place to see a ball game…too bad Norfolk doesn’t stand a chance to get a major league franchise.

Monica’s mom came into town last night so we’ll get to take her along with us. When she’s not attending sporting events, she’ll be helping us unpack the rest of our belongings.

She came in via train to Newport News and then a short bus ride to Norfolk. For future reference, they don’t drop you off at the bus terminal so don’t bother getting directions to there like we did. They actually drop you off down the road at some random bus stop.

Wish we would have known that before hand. :angry:

Weekend Update

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Apr 212003

Well, I have to say that Brian and I had a great weekend. We shoveled lots and lots of dirt Saturday while helping our friends, Mike and Laura, landscape their backyard. You might wonder what’s so great about shoveling dirt. Well, while shoveling I was NOT DOING ANY WEDDING STUFF!!! Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to my wedding very much, but I am a little tired of putting it together. I thank Brian for the endless amount of patience he has as he listens to me scream, cry, babble and fight about the wonderful, blessed event. Brian, you are the best.

After attending Easter service, Brian and I along with a couple of friends from church decided to spend some time at a wonderful place we call Starbucks. It all turned ugly when Mike proceeded to say that baseball was boring and he prefers watching the EXCITING game of golf. As a Yankees fan I find that completely crazy…then it got worse. His wife, Laura, proceeded to say that the Yankees look dirty and mean. What is she thinking? Next time, I will make sure to have my vaseline ready! GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!