Sep 292003

Autumn is really here. The temperature this morning was 49 degrees and the sun was no where to be seen at 6:30 am. As I put on my jacket, grabbed my coffee and opened the front door to leave, I found my friend Johnny blocking my path.

Johnny Cash (named by my friend Laura), is an all black cat who has decided to settle in the bushes right outside our home. He does not have any tags and is all skin and bones. I am not sure where he came from, but there is something about him that makes me happy. Since I am a sucker, I have been giving him food for the past couple of days. After he is done eating, he just sits and hangs out for awhile and we keep each other company.

I am not really looking to keep him as Brian would simply “die” from his allergies and I don’t think Jack would like a kitty friend, but he is fun to have around. An attempt was made by Laura to take him home, but her husband Mike refused. Apparently, four cats is his limit. My thinking is once you have four, what’s one more? (he, he)

My neighbor and I have agreed to join forces and find Johnny a good home before it gets too cold or something bad happens to him. Until then, he will have a friend in me.