Oct 272008

Our vacation at Disney World was wonderful. We spent our very tired nights after visiting all the parks at the Animal Kingdom Lodge which was a real treat. We had a savannah view room which meant right outside our window were giraffes, ostriches, zebras, antelope just going about their daily living while we zipped coffee and just watched them when we had a chance. At night they also had actual safari guides speak and tell you a little bit about their particular country in Africa and what would it be like to visit. After sitting through 2 of those presentations Brian and I have added going on safari in Botswana to our list of vacation spots and can’t wait. Not sure where that falls on the list but maybe before Japan, after Ireland. Who knows?

Our favorite park is Epcot and they were having their Food and Wine Festival which is the main reason we went this month and were not disappointed. Going through all the countries drinking good wine and tasting some delicious food was really exciting and fun.

We also had some wonderful lunches and dinners as well at some of the restaurants which we had to book months ahead of time. My favorite evening was when we ate at California Grill on top of the Contemporary Resort which is 15 floors up overlooking all of Magic Kingdom and the Grand Floridian Resort. When it was time for the nightly fireworks at Magic Kingdom, we were taken to an outside viewing area where we could see Cinderalla’s castle and look down on the fireworks. After they were done, we were brought back to our table where our main course was waiting for us. Now that’s “magical”.

It really was a wonderful vacation! Now to plan our next vacation……

On the home front we have started to renovate the kitchen/dining room areas and it will probably prove not fun but going ahead with it. Painting in the dining room is complete and it was not hard changing red to an earth tone color thanks to the wonderful people who invented primer. Genius!!!! We’re in the process of dealing with the cabinets and can’t wait to get rid of the butcher block counter tops. YUK!!! It took a while getting to the kitchen but are happy and dreading the project at the same time.

Work is going well for both of us and Jack is fantastic! More soon.

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