Holiday Rewind

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Dec 302007

Much has happened this fall (and now winter) that I haven’t posted on here.

First, both Monica and I carved pumpkins. Monica’s was the ghost while mine was the spider which I think looked awesome.

October became November, and in between bagging leaves, we managed to have great Thanksgiving meals at my uncle’s on Thanksgiving Day (after watching the Macy’s parade, of course) and at my Dad’s the following day. Just a handful of photos at which to look.

And now it’s December, and we just had a whirlwind holiday traveling to and from New York and spending Christmas Day with my family.  We flew up to New York to spend a few days with Monica’s family, and we did our usual tour in Manhattan visiting all of the holiday windows and Rockefeller Center.  We did start off the month by making our annual trek up to DC.  There are LOTS of photos to peruse here.

Now we just have New Year’s Eve and plenty of football left to watch, especially the Orange Bowl where the Hokies are going to stomp the Jayhawks.  Go Hokies!

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