Stop the Insanity

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Nov 062006

Tomorrow is the big day. All of the relentless political commericials will finally stop.

Anyone that knows me can figure out which way I’ll be voting tomorrow. As a Christian, I have to vote for the candidate (or basically the party) whose policies more closely resemble my beliefs. That, of course, are the Republicans.

People can say what they want about the war in Iraq, but here is what I believe. We went in because we thought they had WMD. We know they did have them in the past, but they don’t have them now (at least active ones). So we were wrong about that. That being said, we cannot pull out and leave the Iraqis to fend for themselves and succumb to terrorists. I believe we are doing the right thing over there, and I want us to win. I think our troops think the same thing.

The Republicans haven’t been the most fiscal bunch lately, but I know the Democrats would be even worse. The economy has already benefited from Bush’s tax cuts and is humming along quite nicely. I mean, the Dow is at an all time high! Most important of all – the country has not suffered another terrorist attack. That’s the most important issue right now and will be for a long time.

As a Virginian, I have three big votes tomorrow. There are two hotly contested Congressional races and a constitutional amendment defining marriage (as well as two other less-publicized initiatives). If you value lower taxes, family values, and smaller, limited government, you’ll vote for Geoge Allen and Thelma Drake, and yes on the amendment. These are state races and issues, but their outcome has national consequences.

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