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Sep 302006

I think the thing that hurts the most is the way we lost today. I was worried after our performance last week, and it turns out for good reason. This was a winnable game for us, and our defense blew it in the first ten minutes.

After the first quarter, we pretty much held the Ga Tech offense in check, especially Calvin Johnson. Our offense had some issues, especially protecting Glennon, but there were a few bright spots, and we really moved the ball well at times. Glennon held onto the ball too long a couple of times which is something that comes with experience, and Ore needs to work on his blocking, but our receivers made some great plays. Our offensive line on the other hand was just atrocious; Glennon’s blindside can attest to that.

Of course, there were a couple of dropped passes that would have changed the course of the game. We seemed to forget how to tackle at times, and what the heck was up with our special teams? We aren’t supposed to lose games like that.

I think Glennon will learn alot from this game which will help him later this season when we face BC, Miami, and Clemson. Those games will be dogfights just as tough as today, if not tougher, and hopefully we’ll have a few breaks our way. We certainly didn’t have them today.

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