Sep 252006

I’m sitting here watching the Saints-Falcons game, and the emotions are riding high in New Orleans. I really thought the Falcons were much better than the Saints, but I guess the emotional high of this night has lit a fire under the Saints and their defense is putting a whoopin’ on Vick & Co right now. We’ll see how the second half goes.

On a side note, Tirico, Kornheiser, and Thiesmann sucked up to racist Spike Lee earlier, which in essence was just a commercial for his documentary. He had the gaul to make a thinly veiled political shot at the President by mentioning something about how he couldn’t believe it took five days for the city to get help.

Why is it usually the left who resort to political statements on a night like this when everyone else is focusing on the comeback of a city that was destroyed last year? I pity people who are so blinded by their bigotry that facts are ignored and common sense become anything but common.

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