What’s a bearcat?

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Sep 232006

Pretty lackluster first half for the Hokies today, the blocked punt for a safety aside. The defense really let us down, and the offensive line wasn’t playing very well.

Beamer & Co really made just adjustments at halftime though as we played much better in the second half. The defense played better, and Ore just went off.

As we get into the heavy part of our ACC schedule (read Ga Tech next week), we’re going to have to lean on Ore if we’re going to do anything on offense. If he plays well, things will really open up for Glennon and our great wide receivers so they can make some plays. And it goes without saying (which is why I’ll say it) that our defense really needs to play top notch football if we’re going to have a chance.

I can easily see us losing at least two of our four games against Ga Tech, BC, Clemson, and Miami.

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