Hate Speech

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Feb 022006

I don’t know that I’ve ever read about a more hate-filled speech than the one given by NAACP Chairman Julian Bond. You know, the kind of speech filled with racist remarks and Nazi comparisons that if given by anyone other than someone in the NAACP would generate all sorts of buzz and make national headlines. Perhaps this one will, but history tells us otherwise.

For some reason, people in his position get a free pass and are allowed to spew hatred with no consequences. And don’t anyone start with that free speech stuff. The fact that he was able to give the speech in the first place without being arrested in a testament to the first amendment, but shouldn’t there be reprecussions to one’s actions?

If I was the NAACP, I would start with firing this guy and then bend over backward apologizing to anyone who would listen. I think most sensible Americans already know the NAACP is an irrelevant organization that once stood for something, but whose purpose has been lost in the quagmire that has been the political landscape in this country for the last thirty years. People will listen to lunatics rave for only so long.

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