God is bowling

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Jul 132005

Ever slept through hours and hours of pounding rain, lightning, and thunder?

Neither have we.

Last night we had possibly the greatest thunderstorm ever, and that’s saying a lot coming from someone who’s lived in Florida previously. I can’t be certain, but the storm appeared to last at least five hundred hours. In between buckets of rain falling, there would be loud clashes of thunder that seemed to emanate from our backyard.

Here was our schedule last night:

  • thunder
  • wake up
  • lay in bed for a few minutes
  • pounding rain
  • fall back asleep
  • repeat

Mix all that in with Jack panting constantly, trying to climb under the bed, trying to claw his way out of the bathroom (after Monica put him in there), and just being a general pain in the butt. You see, Jack is scared to death of thunderstorms and isn’t afraid to let you know about it. As a result, we have to sometimes lock him in another room so we can get some sleep. Maybe we should give him some doggie Valium. 😉

I hope tonight’s weather is a little less eventful.

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