Jul 112005

Back when we lived in Northern Virginia, Monica and I used to listen to a radio show called the Don and Mike Show. I started listening to the show about nine years ago and was quickly hooked, and Monica started listening not too long after that. It’s hard to describe why I listened as much as I did, but the show was strangely addictive, and since it was based in DC, I could relate to much of what was discussed. The hosts also lived much of their lives on the air so you got a chance to listen to their wives and learn about their families, especially the main man behind the mic, Don Geronimo.

Now that we’ve moved, I still listen to it, albeit not via conventional means, and I keep Monica up to date on the happenings with the people on the show. It’s weird, but when you listen to a show for as long as we have, you start to feel as if you sort of know the people. So it was a shock today to hear about the tragic car accident in which Don’s wife, Freda, was involved yesterday while driving back from Ocean City, MD. Her injuries were so severe that she died yesterday evening.

We listened to the show today (you can stream it over the web through the station’s website, and surprisingly there was a new episode today with everyone except Don. Mike, Buzz, and Rob talked about Freda and played some clips of her past appearances on the show, and you can hear the pain in their voices as they choked up at times. I don’t even know these people, and I feel silly writing like this about it, but I guess you imagine yourself in the same situation, and then you really empathize with the affected people. I can’t imagine what Don and Bart (their son) are going through right now.

May God be with them during this time of sorrow.

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