Jun 242005

I took off a half day yesterday and all of today, and it’s been great. We went to the Dave Matthews concert last night (absolutely no political rants, thank goodness), and had a great time with Bucky, Steve, and Tanya. Before the show, we cooked out some grub on the grill and listened to some tunes in the backyard. Around 7:15 pm, we headed to the show, and made it there just in time for Dave to open with American Baby. There’s a couple of shots from the show on the moblog, including one that turned out to be somewhat artistic looking.

Today, Monica and I took it easy with one of those lazy summer days we all know and love. We picked up some slurpees at the local 7-11, a first for me in about ten years, and headed over to Mount Trashmore where we enjoyed a leisurely walk around the lake and park area. I even managed to take a couple more shots for the moblog there as well. Afterward, we headed to the mall where we did a bit of shopping, and then finished off the day with some great seafood.

The weather for my time off has just been gorgeous. Here’s hoping it stays that way for this weekend.

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