The Burg

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Apr 182005

Went spent the past weekend in good ol’ Blacksburg. I even had a chance to take a couple of shots for the moblog.

Had a great dinner at Mike’s Grill on Friday and lunch at Sharkey’s and dinner at Bogen’s on Saturday which is a record restaurant turn-out for us. I always try to hit some of the old places to get some that good grub that I can’t get anywhere else.

Hung out with some old friends and went to the Hokies spring football game on Saturday afternoon. Marcus Vick looked decent, but it’s hard to tell much when play stops as soon as someone lays a hand on you. Of course, that didn’t stop Glennon from looking awful with three interceptions and cementing his back-up QB spot. The defense shined as usual.

The ride back is always long, but it’s even longer since we moved. We still had a great time though, and now I can’t wait for football season to start.

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