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Apr 012005

The Pope isn’t doing so well right now (as if you couldn’t tell by the 24 hour news coverage). He’s the only Pope that I can remember, so I’m not sure what happens when the Vatican appoints a new one, but I’ve read a little about it. It should prove interesting to watch, and the next Pope could factor into world events for years to come.

I think Pope John Paul II is a very good man, and has lived a very Biblical life. I don’t agree with some of the tenants of Catholicism, but I do believe he is a very devout Christian and tried to lead the church to the best of his ability, following traditional Catholic guidelines. Popes are very powerful in that respect and could potentially lead the church in directions that may or may not be Biblically sound.

I know Monica’s family will certainly mourn the Pope’s passing when it happens, and it’s interesting to watch all of the people gather in St. Peter’s Square at all hours of the night. He probably has mere hours left on this earth, but I know he’ll be welcomed in heaven when the time comes.

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