Typical Weekend

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Mar 132005

Pretty busy weekend for us as we started out having dinner with family to celebrate my uncle’s birthday on Friday night. We went to Frankie’s, a local rib place. I love me some good BBQ.

Then on Saturday, I got up early to meet my Dad at our house to do some yard work. We did some preliminary planning and laid out some string to visualize what I want to do. It was pretty cold though so it wasn’t very pleasant, but it did finally start to warm up right as we were finishing…naturally.

Ran some errands on Saturday afternoon, and then we went to a hockey game with Greg (I posted a photo on the moblog). It was a pretty exciting game as it went to overtime, and the Admirals ended up scoring thirty seconds into the extra period. Woohoo! We finished the night off with a late dinner at Waterside.

Today, we got up to go to church, did our normal grocery shopping, and this afternoon, I watched some great basketball (March Madness about to begin, you know) while doing the fun task of balancing the finances.

Like I said, pretty busy weekend as there always seemed to be something to do. Now back to work. 🙁

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