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May 122004

Many newspapers reported on the “worldwide revulsion” that occurred after the plethora of photos surfaced documenting the abuse of Iraqi prisoners. What those soldiers did was wrong, and they should be punished appropriately, but let us understand that no one was killed (I know there have been reports of it, but no proof has surfaced), and we swiftly condemned those involved and have moved quickly to assure that these kinds of things won’t occur again. It is war after all, and we must take drastic measures at times to assure the safety of our troops, but that does not excuse some of the terrible things that happened.

Now, there is a video of an American being decapitated, and we have yet another reminder of why our soldiers are in Iraq and Afghanistan. Where is the “worldwide revulsion” that should have resulted from this despicable act? Where is the media frenzy that should have exploded after this tragedy?

They are still licking their chops trying to blame the current administration for the Iraqi prisoner abuse.

Make no mistake – the men that committed this horrific murder would love to take that same knife to the throat of every American, even the bleeding hearts who most sympathize with their “cause”. I admit, I have so far refused to watch the video because I’m afraid of what I’ll see, but maybe everyone should watch it to yet again remind us of what we’re up against. The media will gladly parade photos and videos galore to remind everyone how “evil” our soldiers are, but how long will they focus on the people who cut off heads of Americans and the subsequent celebrations of people dancing in the streets in ghoulish delight while praising their god?

This storm has been gathering for a long time. I pray that we have the fortitude to outlast these harvesters of death, or we shall reap the consequences.

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