Left Turn, Clyde

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Sep 092003

When you think of a redneck, one of the things that ultimately pops into your mind is NASCAR. Lots of guys racing around constantly making left turns.

Yeah, lots of excitement.

So with that mind, we ventured last Friday down to Richmond to see the NASCAR Busch Series Funai 250, and you know what? It was actually fun.

I never knew that NASCAR races were so loud that you needed to wear ear plugs. You can also rent headsets to listen to your favorite driver communicating with his pit crew all through the race. And you really don’t get an appreciation for how fast they are actually moving until you’re standing next to the track; you just don’t get that feeling on TV.

The most exciting part is the crashes and the ensuing race for first place that occurs after the yellow flag-waving is replaced with a green one. There was even a red flag that occured (which stops the race completely) due to a messy crash that occured about five laps before the end of the race, I assume so as not to end the race under a yellow flag (in which all drivers must drive slowly and maintain their position).

The last three laps were definitely the most thrilling as the first two cars bumped into each other producing alot of smoke (from the tires) and making everyone think that they were going to crash. The driver in third ended up rear-ending the driver in second which caused him to spin out. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but the driver in second surely thought so and drove up next to the other driver in the pit after the race to give him a piece of his mind.

So while we’re not exactly NASCAR fanatics now, we can certainly appreciate it as a sport and wouldn’t mind going to another race.

Monica’s family will be happy to know that she is the first Puerto Rican redneck. 🙂

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