Feb 202017

It’s been almost five years since we’ve posted anything here, and we’re obviously out of the blogging game. We post mainly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter now so follow us there if you want to keep up with our antics. We’ll leave this page here as long as we can for those that still come around. Thanks for stopping by!

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Apr 252012

Our boy will be 2 soon and we can’t believe it! It has been another year of watching him grow into the person he is and we’ve had the best time! We’re all doing great and we hope you are as well!

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Jun 102011

Exciting, interesting, hectic, exhausting and the most fun we’ve ever had in our lives! That’s how life is with a 1 year old running around. He’s amazing!

We celebrated Noah’s 1st birthday with family and friends and it was a great time. He dug into the cake and made a mess to everyone’s delight except his shirt is now a keepsake with stains on it. I think that’s what it’s supposed to be anyway.

Being parents has really brought Brian and I even closer and we definitely laugh a lot! Good times!

Everything else is going well. Working and just ready to enjoy the summer.

Here are some recent pictures.

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May 302011

It has been almost a month since we lost our very best friend Jack. It has been harder than we could’ve ever imagined. We have cried, hugged and then cried some more. There’s a huge void in our home and it is felt daily. We know it will pass with time but for now, we can barely talk about him. His bed and other little things are neatly placed in a corner in the garage and that’s as far as they can go for now. His big bin full of dog food is still there with about 10 pounds worth but we can’t bring ourselves to get rid of it.

I guess some people out there might say “it’s just a dog” but to us, he represented so much more. We were so young when we got him and he taught us how to take care of something else other than ourselves. He taught us how to have patience, worry when he was sick, cuddle with him at night when a thunderstorm was rolling by and he taught us in his own small way about unconditional love. He loved us regardless of who we were and what we did from day to day. He also taught us to just take deep breaths when things were broken, chewed, scratched, torn, eaten etc. He definitely had his bad moments but now all those do not matter. When you put all the memories good and bad together you end up with one result…one awesome dog.

Last year when I was pregnant with Noah and could not sleep, Jack was the one that kept me company night after night. He would come and lay next to me and watch over me as I tried to get comfortable. Cuddling with him and watching infomercials at 2 am was comforting and I felt safe. Weird how an 18 pound dog can make you feel safe in the middle of the night. I appreciate all he did for me during that time.

After Noah’s birth and things got more hectic around here, Jack slowed down. At 14, it was hard for him to keep up. I’m convinced that he hung around long enough to make sure we knew what we were doing and then said “you guys got this. It’s ok for me to leave. You don’t need me anymore.” In his own dog/small way he did teach us a lot. We thank you Jack for everything. You will always be in our hearts!

This is one of our favorite pictures of him. He loved laying by the back door to catch some rays every day.

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Dec 142010

I’m not sure if anybody reads this anymore in the age of Facebook, but I wanted to write a little update just in case

This year we became parents. God blessed us with our beautiful boy and he is an amazing person! We enjoy getting to know him every day and each day brings a beautiful new adventure. He’s almost 7 months now and we can’t believe it. Time sure goes fast!

Our miracle!

We will try to update from time to time so check back soon. In the mean time, we wish you all the best this Christmas season and in 2011!

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Sep 152009

Our summer was great. Can’t believe it’s already over and soon it will be time to rake ALL the leaves that fall around here.

My mom and I went to Puerto Rico in August to visit my grandmother and celebrate her 99th birthday! We had an awesome time. It was good to see all the family again.

September has been okay so far. Work, work and more work for both of us. Not much else to report.

We hope everyone had a great summer and best wishes for a wonderful autumn!

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May 252009

Paris was the most beautiful and romantic city I’ve ever been to! During our time there we visited all kinds of museums, climbed the Eiffel Tower, walked around and had amazing meals and wine. We encountered friendly people, the best bread and pastries. One of the days we took a train to Normandy and visited Omaha Beach and the American cemetery. It was a very powerful place and an experience we will both never forget. So far Italy and France have not let us down and have been wonderful places to visit.

Since we’ve been back we’ve enjoyed the warmer weather and some summer movies. Star Trek was awesome, Terminator was just okay and now just waiting for Transformers.

Later on this summer my mom and I are planning to take a little trip and sometime in October Brian and I might take on another adventure. Where to? Stay tuned!

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